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Synonyms for umber

an earth pigment

a medium brown to dark-brown color

of the color of any of various natural brown earth pigments

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My No 3 rigger brush was used next, with a mix of raw umber and ultramarine for the branches of the tree in front of the abbey.
UMBER TANYA ANSARI: Banking spreads right now are pretty low, considering that interest rates are as well.
In "Game of Thrones," it was clear that Rickon was headed to House Umber. In "A Clash of Kings," the novel, Osha, Rickon and Shaggydog just split with Bran.
I dropped in a little Charles Evans Sand before adding a bit of yellow ochre to the top and some raw umber to the bottom, letting the colours blend.
Silas Umber is summoned to Arvale, his family's ancestral estate.
carrying the ochre sand residue thin barbs of wind burnt umber willow
earth-dug umber, sienna, yolk yellows, wet, oily and waiting to bleed
Dina added that she will also be handing out prizes at the end of the festival along with presenting an umber of her famous dance moves.
A Downing Street source said a ''handful'' of donors had been for dinner with the Prime Minister, pictured, and his wife, Samantha, in their flat above NS umber 11.
Now come figures which suggest that the umber of so-called "first responders" has fallen by 19 per cent in the past two years.
Intentional poisoning--often a direct attempt to hurt somebody or render that person defenseless--brings a troubling n umber of Americans to emergency departments every year.
Baghdad (NINA) - Police source said the umber of victims of Taji bombings, which took place this morning to 12 dead, including 8 policemen, and injuring 23, including 4 policemen and 3 Iraqi soldiers, the rest are civilians.
Ramallah - PNN - During morning raids targeting an umber of West Bank communities, Palestinian sources announced that the Israeli army arrested five civilians on Monday.