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flat-topped or rounded inflorescence characteristic of the family Umbelliferae in which the individual flower stalks arise from about the same point

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16 February 2018 - US-based sports and entertainment social media index and valuation platform MVPindex and US-based sports and entertainment market data collection specialist Umbel are merging, the two companies said.
Umbel was a key executive at Hologic, the largest dedicated women's health company in the United States.
Umbel brings more than 30 years of senior executive management experience in medical device and diagnostic companies that range from small startups to major corporations.
In addition to alliums, asters, carnations, Bachelor buttons, milkweeds, mints, daisies of all kinds, coneflowers and zinnias to feed adults, they also require the availability of members of the umbels family (Queen Anne's Lace).
Umbel will be sponsoring the forum for the second time, previously exhibiting at the In-Stadium Fan Experience Summit.
Promising to deliver data omnipotence, business intelligence solution provider Umbel was "the best company for that job," Rob Laycock, the team's vice president of marketing, says.
Tech vendors Umbel, AdColony and Vox Media are co-sponsoring an event March 7 in one of the Texas capital's most-famous music venues, Moody Theater, home to PBS' acclaimed Austin City Limits.
* To celebrate creator Tammie Umbel's 14th child, Shea Terra Organics has rolled out a new Mama + Baby skin care collection.
Day to germination, day to flowering, day to maturity, plant height, number of umbel per plant, number of seed in umbel, 1000 seed weight, seed yield, harvest index, Biomass, percent of essential oil and essence yield were measured.
B (lower panel): umbel position ([F.sub.model(6,9)] = 14.45, P < 0.0004; [F.sub.CS(1,9)] = 0.03, P = 0.9431; [F.sub.structure (1,9)] CS (1, 9) structure (1, 9) = 86.60, P < 0.0001; [F.sub.CS by structure (1,9)] = 0.11, P > 0.7450) in all fennel crops.
Crambe cordifolia, closely related to our native Seakale - Crambe maritima - has a giant round umbel of small creamy flowers, adored by bees.
Above, a honey bee visits an onion umbel. [Graphic omitted]
The NCUA has established a working group to discuss the issue and plans to issue a letter to credit unions "within a couple of months" spelling out its procedures for finding assisted merger partners and following through on the mergers, agency spokeswoman Cherie Umbel said.
The endangered Huachuca water umbel (Lilaeopsis schaffneriana ssp.
Parsleys, fennels, and Queen Anne's lace; herbs and ornamentals from the umbel family.