ultraviolet radiation

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These mechanisms result in ultraviolet radiation being the main cause of skin photoaging, as well as the main cause of skin cancer.
A case report of accidental exposure of two health-care workers to ultraviolet radiation produced by a germicidal lamp in a hospital pharmacy is known in the literature.
The observed variable is the angle between the optical axis direction of FOV1 and optical axis of ultraviolet radiation of the earth FOV2.
The result would be a huge spike in ultraviolet radiation levels at the Earth's surface.
As much as 34 percent of ultraviolet radiation, found to cause skin cancer and cataracts, reaches the ground covered by a beach umbrella, the University of Valencia researchers found.
Consumers who already suffer from light-sensitivity diseases were concerned that CFLs could aggravate their symptoms due to flickering, ultraviolet radiation, electromagnetic fields and the blue light that these lamps produce.
Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation can also damage your eyes as well as your body's immune system by altering disease-fighting white blood cells.
Harm and benefits of ultraviolet radiation, causes of skin cancer were discussed by members of interdepartmental commission for realization of Montreal and media representatives today in Bishkek."Ozone layer is a thin gas cover, which protects the Earth from harmful effects of a certain share of solar radiation.
"It parallels smoking, drinking, those types of things, especially for younger women and their chances for getting melanoma from ultraviolet radiation....
About 90 per cent of ultraviolet radiation penetrates light clouds - leaving sunbathers exposed even on cloudy days.
There is strong evidence that ultraviolet radiation, whether from sunlight or sun lamps, causes melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.
Scientists from NATO member countries introduce new theoretical developments and instrumentation for the non-invasive sensing and imaging of damage in vegetation related to stress from ultraviolet light; identify the cell biological hazards of ultraviolet radiation coupled with other environmental stresses; and examine how ultraviolet light may relate to the production of nitric oxide by plants in terms of DNA damage, error-prone repair cell cycles, and the multiple mechanisms of programmed cell death.
Furthermore, because the planet lacks an ozone layer, large quantities of ultraviolet radiation reach Mars' surface.
With summer taking hold, the European Commission presented a scientific opinion on 6 July which will make for worrying reading for users of tanning lamps and sunbeds that give off ultraviolet radiation.
Exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation can damage skin cells, and can lead to skin cancer.
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