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having frequencies above those of audible sound


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Therefore, for experiments using the ultrasonic probe, the nanofluid was placed in a separate container filled with ice to prevent evaporation of the fluid caused by the elevated temperature.
Though the technology presented 3D images it posed challenges, as the ultrasonic probes required a liquid coupling to transmit sound, and operated in a non-static mode.
The rotational angle of the roll and the axial position of the ultrasonic probe are measured by two incremental encoders (Heidenhain ROD450).
It features several ultrasonic probe configurations to meet most international standards and NDT specifications by applying suitable testing technologies, such as pulse-echo, through transmission and tandem technology as well as testing on bead and beside the weld.
Once contact is made the ultrasonic probe transducer produces a signal that is sent through the steel and returns to the probe.
Instead of using abrasive mechanical action, the device applies an ultrasonic frequency directly to the screening mesh with an ultrasonic probe. The action injects a secondary, high-frequency, low-amplitude vibration that breaks down surface tension, preventing particles from blinding or blocking the screen mesh.
If the ultrasonic probe used for the acoustic measurements is of transmitter/receiver (T/R) type, the stress wave travels twice the "L" distance, so Eq.
It is also developing the software to process the data collected by the ultrasonic probe.
The MiniFlow features a built-in ultrasonic probe for dispersing highly agglomerated materials.
In laboratory tests, He vibrated an ultrasonic probe inside beakers containing water, sediment, and algae.
At the time, Soloff was an application lab manager and was working on ultrasonic film sealing, whereby thin plastic films were passed under an ultrasonic probe to weld bags and tubes.
In the contact method (also known as the pulse-echo method), an ultrasonic probe (transducer) is pressed against the casting surface with a couplant to maintain a good contact between the casting and the transducer, which sends and receives sound signals.
She also raised the possibility that "the vigorous vibrational intrusiveness of the ultrasonic probe method" may have skewed the results by affecting the sensitive follicles in the ovaries.
The unit is fully automated, with autodilute and rinse capabilities, and is available with an optional inline ultrasonic probe for fullest sample dispersion.
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