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Synonyms for ultraconservative

vehemently, often fanatically opposing progress or reform

a person who vehemently, often fanatically opposes progress and favors return to a previous condition

Synonyms for ultraconservative

extremely conservative

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There's something appetizingly wicked about applying this Roman Catholic narrative form to a straight-faced tale from an ultraconservative Catholic sect.
Since then, however, small numbers of Salafists have emerged propagating an ultraconservative form of the religion.
The Christian protesters are accusing the army of collaborating with crowds of ultraconservative Islamists during the earlier attack on a church overnight.
Abed Shihadeh al-Tahawi said the four were released late Monday under a deal between the security forces and his ultraconservative group, which is banned in Jordan.
TOM EUTENEUER, former head of the ultraconservative antichoice organization Human Life International, issued a statement in January accepting responsibility for "violations of chastity [that] were limited to one person only, an adult woman" and "did not involve the sexual act.
Knesset Minister (MK) Michael Ben-Ari of the ultraconservative National Union party was said to have given the marchers a "pep talk" beforehand comparing the Islamic Movement to al-Qaeda.
VATICAN CITY * Pope Benedict XVI's delegate tasked with reforming the powerful but scandal-hit Legionaries of Christ has been given "wide-ranging powers," according to a decree published on the Web site of the ultraconservative order.
It is thought the ultraconservative Emirates - which includes business centre Dubai - is singling out BlackBerry phones because the handsets can't be monitored by the government.
The book's highly illustrated and detailed articles cover topics such as prosthetic gingival restoration, porcelain jacket crowns, ultraconservative esthetic rehabilitation using lithium disilicate ceramic, opacity control of zirconia restorations, and noninvasive pontic site development.
The author shares the Manicheaen delusion of the Radical Right--that the world is locked in a struggle between light and darkness, between an ultraconservative version of Christianity on one side and "secular humanism" on the other.
We're both as bad as each other, having been brought up by ultraconservative parents I love him very much indeed, and I think he feels the same way .
He added that the Popular Party is in "clear alliance with the most ultraconservative sector of the Spanish Catholic Church.
Author Josue Raul Conte, a former member of the strict Neo-catechumenal Way who became disillusioned with ultraconservative Catholicism and renounced the Way for a more moderate approach, presents the novel The Stones Cry Out
Set in an America dangerously close to the one we live in today, Acts of the Saints tells how an ruthless, ultraconservative, politically powerful religious coalition has taken control of America, crushing cherished rights and freedoms, and transforming the nation into a theocracy as cruel and unforgiving as any within the Islamic world.
And so his ultraconservative parents use his innocent observation as ammunition against gay men and women.