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a high speed centrifuge used to determine the relative molecular masses of large molecules in high polymers and proteins

subject to the action of an ultracentrifuge

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Last Wednesday, Iranian scientists declared that they had manufactured ultracentrifuges with the capability of spinning 60,000rpm, to become the third nation with the needed hi-tech to manufacture such centrifuges after the US and Japan.
The transfer between vessels and to the ultracentrifuges is with stainless steel lines.
Kendro, which instrumentation giant Thermo Electron plans to acquire (see IBO 1/31/05), developed a customer base with its Sorvall line of ultracentrifuge offerings and willingness to allow users to use competitors' rotors in its own systems as well as use its rotors in competitors' systems.
This requirement applies to staff time and equipment as small as pipettes, but an investigator does not have to buy a dedicated ultracentrifuge for work on unapproved cell lines.
Buffer was added to the remaining homogenate to reduce the osmolarity to 0.85 M sucrose, the sample was placed in an ultracentrifuge tube, overlaid with 0.25 M sucrose, and centrifuged (100,000 X g for 3.5 h).
A Beckman ultracentrifuge (L8-70M, Beckman, Boston, MA) was used to carry out fractionation.
The chemical scroll pump was operated without the gas ballast purge prior to the introduction of a liquid slug in the system to simulate normal ultracentrifuge system operation.
Schaab sold secret blueprints to Iraq of an ultracentrifuge machine that produces enriched uranium, the core of a nuclear bomb.
But the Swedish chemist The Svedberg (1884-1971) developed an ultracentrifuge in 1923, which spun so quickly it developed effects equivalent to a gravity hundreds of thousands of times normal.
The Thermo Scientific Sorvall WX+ ultracentrifuge combines speed with safety and ergonomics, allowing researchers to easily protect samples while achieving reliable and consistent results.
Assuming that your lipid panel reports total cholesterol, triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), your best bet is to send very lipemic specimens to an National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (NHLBI-CDC) standardized laboratory, (1) which uses the classical preparative ultracentrifuge procedure.
The end result of this work included the design and construction of the K-II large-scale ultracentrifuge (7-10).
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A knowledge-based Iranian company succeeded in the production of ultracentrifuge machines with the capability of working 60,000rpm.