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centrifugation at very high speeds

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Correlation between the ultracentrifugation and Denka Seiken methods (10)
Seven direct methods for measuring HDL and LDL cholesterol compared with ultracentrifugation reference measurement procedures.
Ultrafiltration is not only faster than ultracentrifugation but also does not require special equipment.[42] However, this technique might cause deformation or even rupture of the EVs, which would affect the results of the following researches.[43] Another size-based separation is size exclusion chromatography (SEC).
LDL cholesterol can be measured directly by homogenous assays or ultracentrifugation.
Here, in order to confirm the conservation of the tube diameter distributions during ultracentrifugation, the SWCNT dispersions of UC10 and UC60 were also characterized by optical absorption spectroscopy.
The technique required only one millilitre of urine and found a substantially greater number and different types of microRNAs compared with the standard ultracentrifugation approach.
In summary, although requiring substantially more labor and resources, the additional ultracentrifugation step before lipoprotein electrophoresis enables definitive identification of chyle in body fluid samples.
In this follow up to his Basic Principles of Analytical Ultracentrifugation, author Peter Schuck presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the theory and practice of using data analysis to extract, from noisy experimental data, the information of interest in analyzing the behavior of sedimenting particles.
The analysis of plasma LDL profile can be performed by ultracentrifugation or gradient gel electrophoresis that can separate the LDL particles based on their density or size correspondingly.
Cell Fractionation by Ultracentrifugation. For biochemical fractionation of infected HFF by ultracentrifugation, HFF (cultivated in 150 [cm.sup.2] cell culture flasks) infected with 1 x [10.sup.8] N.
The OMVs isolated by ultracentrifugation were confirmed and characterized by electron microscopy.
The dissociation of sodium caseinate at pH 12 and its re-association after neutralization were studied using the dynamic light scattering and analytical ultracentrifugation techniques.
Density gradient ultracentrifugation (DGU) is a great technique for separating subcellular organelles [1-3], exosomes [4-6], protein complexes [7-9], and so forth on the basis of buoyant density differences.
These methods include site exclusion chromatography (SEC), which complements other techniques such as analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC), a very powerful but complex and slow technique.
Currently, ultracentrifugation is the most common commercial method of purifying hemocyanin.