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a final peremptory demand

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Indeed, the new Power which had arisen in Siberia, backed by Japan and other powerful allies, was inclined to take the matter up in the interests of its exiled subjects; and there had been wild talk about ambassadors and ultimatums.
I expected an ultimatum from my banker by every post.
It knows that after splendid yet careful campaigns both in India and Africa he was in command against Brazil when the great Brazilian patriot Olivier issued his ultimatum.
I'll give you six shilling for it," she said, throwing it down with the air of a person who mentions an ultimatum.
I took disgracefully little interest in the Negotiations, while the Ultimatum appealed to Raffles as a sporting flutter.
El hecho es tan comun como la palabra, asi que a primera vista no necesitaria mayor explicacion, pero aqui va: procede del latin ultimatum, y este a su vez de ultimus, 'ultimo' y significa, segun el DRAE, <<en el lenguaje diplomatico, resolucion terminante y definitiva, comunicada por escrito>>.
The police catch up with Destiny and she is given an ultimatum to return all the stolen items or face charges.
Official Gazprom representative Sergey Kupriyanov responded to the ultimatum by stating that under the contract in force Gazprom owes nothing to the Belarussian side.
Senior Labor figures like Benjamin Ben-Eliezer and Isaac Herzog have pressed Barak to advance the ultimatum, in turn, to Labor's partners in the government, in the form of its top seven ministers.
Summary: The north African branch of al-Qaeda, which was threatening to kill a French hostage, has put back an ultimatum that was due to expire at midnight, a Malian negotiator said on Saturday.
Mottaki's ultimatum language was met by some jaw dropping, some anger and some laughter.
1972: Amin ultimatum to Uganda Britons Ugandan leader General Idi Amin gives British workers an ultimatum to accept reduced pay or be expelled.
But the bad news is that a new ultimatum was given to Iran to return to the negotiation table over its nuclear installations by September 24.
First, the ultimatum was not delivered through diplomatic channels (i.
PESHAWAR (PAN): After the suspension of talks with the authorities, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has issued an ultimatum to the ANP-led provincial coalition government to quit within five days or face the music.