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the inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm

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Most long bones were severely deformed, including the fractured humerus, both ulnas, and the left tibiotarsus (Fig 3).
Tissue samples were collected from major organs, as well as the fractured humerus, both ulnas, and the left intertarsal joint, and fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin for 24 hours.
A fine-needle aspiration of the bone marrow in the left ulna and right tibiotarsus was performed, but results were nondiagnostic because of the very low cellularity of the sample.
Outros estudos relataram indice de sucesso de 69 a 89% no tratamento de pseudoartroses nos EUA (RUBIN et al., 2001) e de 80 a 91% em varios paises (FRANKEL & MIZUNO, 2001), alem de reducao de 38% no tempo de consolidacao em fraturas recentes distais de radio e ulna (KRISTIANSEN et al., 1997) ou diafisarias de tibia e fibula (HECKMAN et al., 1994).
Foram utilizados neste estudo 16 caes de racas variadas, oito machos e oito femeas, com faixa etaria entre sete meses e seis anos, peso corporeo entre 2,5 e 43kg, portadores de fraturas fechadas recentes localizadas no radio e ulna, femur ou tibia e fibula.
Os resultados beneficos dos efeitos da estimulacao ultra-sonica sobre a consolidacao ossea foram constatados nos animais n 1 (Figura 2) e 2, em fraturas em terco distal de radio e ulna, apesar das complicacoes relatadas nestas fraturas em caes (LAPPIN et al., 1983; HULSE & JOHNSON, 2002).
The purpose of the current study was to test this hypothesis by comparing locked versus unlocked screws in two different plate lengths in a human cadaveric comminuted ulna shaft fracture model.
A 1 cm gap ostectomy at the midpoint of each ulna was created to simulate a comminuted fracture.
Compression-plate fixation in acute diaphyseal fractures of the radius and ulna. J Bone Joint Surg Am.
SUMMARY: The nutrition foramina situation on the humero, ulna an radio bone are been described the general way.
There have even been some frequent abnormalities in the muscleskeletal system of the Saguinus leucopus (Varela et al., 2010) and the ulna may be involved.
The forearms were dissected from the superficial plane to the deep plane; photographic records of the proceedings were taken, the anatomy and relations for the function of the ulna were emphasized.
We hypothesized that the combination of DBM with HA graft would hasten osteogenesis and clinical union in critical size defect (CSD) healing in the pigeon ulna when used in combination with external skeletal fixation (ESF) pins for fracture stabilization.
The bone grafts were implanted in the left ulna, and defects were stabilized with ESF pins.