ulnar nerve

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a nerve running along the inner side of the arm and passing near the elbow

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In all 46 testing sessions with 35 different subjects, distinguishable hand sensation was obtained from SES of the median or ulnar nerve at the elbow.
The ulnar nerve is examined in its short-axis (Figure 6) and long axis (Figure 7) from distal to proximal.
43) There was a good correlation between ultrasonic measurement of the cross sectional area of the ulnar nerve at the sulcus and distal nerve conduction study results.
Repetitive elbow motion, prolonged elbow flexion, and direct pressure on the ulnar nerve increase the risk of UNEE in these occupations.
Nerve conduction studies demonstrated no definite peripheral ulnar nerve lesion at the wrist or elbow.
Arthritis, ulnar nerve injuries, and tendinopathies (injuries or degenerative changes to tendons) also cause hand and wrist pain in the SCI population.
The ulnar nerve is most frequently used to monitor NMB, probably because of its easy accessibility (13).
In order to monitor NMBAs, nerve stimulators are used to excite the patient's ulnar nerve, with a specific stimulation waveform called a train-of-four (TOF).
Dislocation of the ulnar nerve with snapping triceps syndrome has been implicated as a cause of cubital tunnel syndrome.
Motor fibers from median nerve cross the forearm to join ulnar nerve.
The syndrome is caused by pressure on the ulnar nerve as it passes through a canal made up of bones and a fibrous ligament in the wrist.
Difference between Distal motor latency of median and ulnar nerve > 1.
For group 2, a statistically significant decrease in the CDP amplitude was observed at 60 minutes compared with the values before injection (0 minutes) following ulnar nerve stimulation.