ulnar artery

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large artery that branches from the brachial artery to supply the muscles of the forearm and wrist and hand

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Ulnar artery ischaemia following corticosteroid injection for carpal tunnel syndrome.
it can identify the blockage in radial or ulnar artery and arteriosclerosis.
In contrast, the ulnar artery was not seen within the mid--and distal forearm (FIGURE 2).
The SPA is formed by superficial branch of ulnar artery passing superficial to flexor retinaculum and then curving laterally to form an arch, lying just deep to palmar aponeurosis.
In 35% of cases, the second type joins the trunk of the ulnar artery to form a complete superficial palmar arch (arcus palmaris superficialis) [7,8].
We observed a variant course for the ulnar artery, and a variant course and unusual branching pattern for the radial artery (Figure 1A).
He explains that the radial artery is often bigger than the ulnar artery, which makes catheter access easier.
At 1 h after bandage removal, the ulnar artery in puncture side of all patients was blocked with manual compression to favor brachial and collateral artery blood flow through the RA until a good RAP was restored.
Should blood flow be impaired with damage to the radial artery during the procedure, adequate circulation to the hand can be maintained by the ulnar artery alone.
Majority of these variations occur in radial artery followed by ulnar artery.
Unfortunately the infusion was inadvertently administered through a cannula that had been inserted intraoperatively in her right ulnar artery for gas sampling.
Cardiac catheterization and endovascular procedures can be performed achieving access in to body's arterial system from either femoral artery (in groin), brachial artery (in elbow) and radial or ulnar artery in the wrist.
The ulnar artery was also intact with no evidence of thrombosis.
The life base pulse or the pulse which determines one's life span should be read on the ulnar artery.
The ulnar artery repair was done and good backflow from the distal radial artery was observed.