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the inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm

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Among 50 bones, 48 ulnae (96%) had single nutrient foramen.
Similarly, in 50 ulnae of both the sides, there were 50 nutrient foramina in total all of which were directed towards the proximal end.
The data of each person were recorded and then analyzed to determine stature from lengths of ulnae.
282 cm, and mean of length of right and left ulnae are 27.
Twelve matched pairs (left and right) of formalin-fixed cadaveric ulnas were stripped of all soft tissue and periosteum and divided into two groups of six pairs each (12 ulnae per group).
In 1963, Backdahl (28) labeled these changes along with decreased range of motion and possible extensor tendon ruptures the "caput ulnae.
Six matched pairs of cadaveric ulnae were used for the biomechanical analysis.