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the inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm

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Owing to all these facts, Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) is considered as the best mode of treatment for the fractures of shaft of Radius and Ulna, even if fractures are reduced closely
In the examination of single-bone fixation of 38 ulna, Dietz and colleagues (13) noted a pronation and supination loss in 8% (3 of 38).
Unlike in standard procedure, we chose to insert the contralateral side of the ulnar prosthesis into the radius because the radius has a reverse curve as compared with the ulna.
The angle of the fracture ends (alignment) of the ulna was measured at the intersection of a line from the distal metaphyseal corticalis of the ulna to the distal corticalis of the osteotomy site, and a line from the corticalis of the osteotomy site to the metaphyseal corticalis of the proximal ulna.
El musculo flexor ulnar del carpo (Flexor carpi ulnaris) presenta dos cabezas, una humeral que se origina en el epicondilo medial del humero; y una ulnar, que se origina en el olecranon, en los dos tercios proximales del margen caudal de la ulna y septos intermusculares adyacentes; y se insertan en el hueso carpoaccesorio (pisiforme) en S.
In current literature, there are few cases that report ulna fractures due to long-term bisphosphonate therapy [8-14].
El musculo extensor carpo ulnar (carpi ulnaris) nacio en el epicondilo lateral del humero y cara lateral del olecranon, su tendon paso por el surco lateral del extremo distal de la ulna y se inserto en el extremo proximal del metacarpo V.
Outside radiographs of the left forearm demonstrated a well-defined, diffusely sclerotic lesion of the distal ulna with a smoothly marginated, radiodense extra-osseous component and notable absence of irregular or interrupted periosteal reaction (Figure 1A).
The radius is the most important being the weightbearing bone with the ulna being less signifi-cant but allowing rotation of the lower part of the limb.
What is the name of the pilgrim in John the humerus, radius and ulna bones?
Women in the dried-plum group had a significant improvement in ulna and spine BMD, compared with those eating dried apples.
McGoldrick said: "He's broken his left ulna which is the smaller bone in his arm.
Physical examination disclosed a tender swelling (diameter, about 1 cm) over the middle third of the ulna.