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the inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm

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Figures 1 and 2 clearly show that linear relationship exists between stature and ulna in men.
in 2013 compared mandible with the ulna and calvaria and revealed that genes linked to pathways found in both the mandible and the ulna.
Forearm fracture involving radius, ulna or both bone which may present unique problems and affect the function of the upper limb.
(10) Nerve conduction studies may be done when there are ulna nerve symptoms and signs.
Tuberculous involvement of the ulna is uncommon and tends to be more common in the diaphysis.
Material: SDNHM 50665, proximal left ulna; 51603, right coracoid; 51619, a partial synsacrum.
To obtain the tomography of the two bones of human forearm (radius and ulna) we used scanning schemes: for the ends of the bones the scanning operation was made at distances of 1 mm and for the medial areas at distances of 3 mm.
Surgery to replace this piece of tissue, which holds together the ulna and humerus arm bones at the elbow, has been on the rise for high-school pitchers over the last 12 years.
NONAGRAM: able; abler; albert; alert; alter; antler; bale; baler; battle; belt; blare; blatter; blear; bleat; blent; blue; bluer; bluet; blunt; blunter; blur; blurt; brutal; burl; butler; earl; elan; lane; late; latent; later; latten; latter; lean; leant; learn; learnt; lent; lube; lunate; lune; lure; lute; nebula; nebular; neural; neutral; nutlet; ratel; rattle; real; rebuttal; renal; rental; ruble; rule; runlet; table; tablet; tale; talent; teal; tubal; tunable; TURNTABLE; turtle; ulna; ulnar; ultra; unable; unreal.
For most archers, the point of maximum pressure on the hand should be perfectly in line with the two bones that make up your forearm--the radius and the ulna. You want the pressure point right between the ends of these two bones at the base of the palm of your hand.
Do children who have distal radius or ulna buckle fractures have better physical functioning when treated with a removable splint than with a short arm cast for 3 weeks?
Fresh bovine bones such as femur, tibia, humerus, radius/ ulna (fore arm), metacarpus, metatarsus, scapula, skull, pelvis, rib and backbone were collected from slaughterhouse for present investigations.
Often they are occult, meaning not radiographically apparent; likewise, the radial head is often obscured by the ulna. This presents a positioning challenge for the radiographer and requires additional scrutiny by the dictating radiologist.
"Extensor" indicates its function (extend the wrist), "carpi" indicates that it affects the carpals (wrist bones), and "ulnaris" indicates that it runs along the ulna, the long forearm bone on the little finger side.
Helical fractures radiating distally from the ring crack travelled for 14 cm along the radius shaft and also passed through the ulna that is firmly fused to the radius.