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Synonyms for ulcerous

having an ulcer or canker

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purged by it, for [whey] expels ulcerous humors, cools the body, opens
In clinical practice one can see atypical chancres, with aspects that are ulcerous, fissurated, hypertrophic, crustous, diphteroid, gangrenous, giant, small, etc.
Taking in consideration the fact that 80% of causes of all GIT hemorrhages are located proximally to Treitz ligament, esophagogastroduodenoscopy is recommended to be performed first, especially in the patients with hemodynamic instability, history of an ulcerous disease and those taking ulcerogenic drugs.
Or the fresh stems and roots were ground and plastered with wine for the treatment of traumatic injury, arthralgia with wind-dampness, pyogenic infection and ulcerous disease of skin and poisonous snake bite (State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1999).
The role of the hydrochloric acid hypersecretion in the pathogenesis of the gastric mucosa ulcerous conditions is well studied.
They came to an isolated hut where there was one sick monk suffering from a serious ulcerous skin disease.
Cutaneous forms of TB include lupus tuberculosis, tuberculous lymphadenitis, colliquative tuberculosis, verrucous tuberculosis and ulcerous tuberculosis [3].
At the best of times, the sandy, wind-blown Cape Flats, through which the route runs, has little or no appeal; the ulcerous squatter camps of miserable shanties and pondoks are dumping grounds of hopeless human lives.
New, experimental-stage research involves taking skin stem cells and spraying them on burned or ulcerous areas and having them regrow directly on the human.
A biopsy of an ulcerous duodenal lesion showed edema, congested blood vessels and scarce inflammatory infiltrations.
com PAUL MURPHY'S WORK INSPIRED BY THE TREASURE A SELF-PORTRAIT' BY SHANI RHYS JAMES Blood Cell Sweet transient taste of innocence so early imbibed lingers but fleetingly Light turns to shade brilliance leaches away Horizons shorten, perspectives distort Falling, falling, falling from grace Pitilessly the mind's eye cuts through layers of artifice so contrived worrying, distressing raw ulcerous weeping sores below Trapped and bereft she silently screams "out, out damn spot" echoing soundlessly down all those empty years.
Blood indices of the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Aeromonas-induced ulcerous dermatitis.
A 40 year-old male patient living in the city of Salta, Argentina, presented with an ulcerous lesion on the right leg, which progressed over a period of 8 months prior to consultation.
Veiny swaths of polyester resin rest on wooden backings, their texture by turns gelidly smooth or ulcerous, suggesting human hides or irregular spills of melting fat.
130) The Hunan guidelines require that women who work in a medical facility's gynecological department have "normally developed secondary sexual characteristics; symmetrical breasts without lumps; vulva [that is not] inflamed, ulcerous or tumorous; and uterus [that is not] prolapsed.