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Synonyms for ulcerated

having an ulcer or canker

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The tumour had become ulcerated and during the hot weather had become infested with maggots and seriously infected.
It usually affects ulcerated lesions or devitalized tissues, developing after deposition of dipterous eggs.
Clinical examination revealed multiple nodular ulcerated lesions of varying sizes from 1 to 3 cm in diameter over the nasal cavity.
Firstly she was left with a melon sized ulcerated mammary tumour, which if treated adequately may have meant that she would still have been alive today.
Clinical examination revealed ulcerated, solitary and encapsulated mass measuring about 4.
We report a case of 48 year female, diabetic and hypertensive presented as single system LCH limited to skin with history of recurrent painful erythematous ulcerated lesions in right axilla and both groins since 4 years with and limiting mobility of limbs.
We hereby present the case of a 64 year-old female, admitted in our unit, complaining of abdominal bloating, which presented an ulcerated tumour in the right hypochondrium and a lump in the right breast.
G/G, G/C and C/C genotypes were manifested as lipid-rich, fibrous and calcified or ulcerated plaques respectively.
But the tipping point for the couple was in 2010 when a chair gave way beneath Chris's weight at a barbecue, leaving him with an ulcerated leg.
10 and suffered deep, ulcerated burns to her esophagus.
It starts as an ulcerated swelling before becoming an open wound as the infection develops.
Non-melanoma skin cancer may first appear as: A new, unexplained skin change |which appears suddenly | A spot or sore which continues |to itch, hurt, scab, crust or bleed for more than four weeks or does not heal within four weeks Ulcerated areas or patches |where the skin has broken down and does not heal within four weeks The importance of knowing your skin: Moles and freckles on the skin |are common.
Ron Kernohan, 88, screamed in pain when medics cut into an ulcerated foot.
Second Place ($1,000 award): Ulcerated Versus Non-Ulcerated Melanoma: An Evaluation of EMT Gene Expression Patterns and Cancer Hotspot Mutation Testing Using Ion Torrent Next-Generation Sequencing.