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undergo ulceration

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affect with an ulcer

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Prolonged inflammation can ulcerate the intestinal lining and require surgery.
After a variable period of time (a few weeks to several months), these forms ulcerate.
The sexually transmitted diseases inflame or ulcerate the vaginal wall and so put an individual woman at greater risk of acquiring HIV than does vaginosis.
Areas of inflammation may ulcerate over time and form a stricture.
Small, hardened areas that appear on the fingers and may go on to ulcerate
Other features which may indicate melanoma include moles that itch, bleed, ooze, ulcerate, are painful or inflamed.
She was referred to theRoyal Liverpool University Hospital and by then her toes had started to ulcerate and become gangrenous.
Three days before admission, the papule began to ulcerate, and fevers, chills, headaches, and general malaise were present.