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a small guitar having four strings

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"So I grabbed my ukelele and played the first thing that came to me."The former Gosforth Park First School and Newcastle Royal Grammar School proceeded to tell the Tory leader, who was attempting to drum up support for the party's Berwick election candidate Anne-Marie Trevelyan with a 15-minute walkabout, to "f*** off back to Eton".
By playing simple arpeggios and patterns, I discovered that the Jarana not only had a different arpeggiated configuration (given the different tuning), but also had an entirely different sound from the Guitar or Ukelele. The Jarana has three courses of double strings (tuned in octaves), and these, plus the different soundbox provided a firm classical, delicate, and very tight, but melodious sound.
e time-keeping plastic instrument has proved a hit with celebrity fans of the shop, including Black Country comic Frank Skinner, who is also an accomplished ukelele and banjo player.
This year's event coincides with the Oakridge Ukelele Festival and the Cascade Cream Puff, a 100-mile mountain bike race.
You haven't heard of Ukelele Ike or the Brox Sisters.
Pallbearers brought in Ken in a wooden coffin topped by beautiful wreaths and a ukelele, and a recording of Ken crooning one of his songs "So Lucky" rang out around the 13th Century church.
Often humorous, sometimes surprising, always thoughtful and educative, the book chronicles the author's and his family's attempts to live more simply, learn by doing, produce their own food, and even make musical instruments (the cigar box ukelele pictured on the cover) while living in suburban California.
BEATLES pal Victor Spinetti has recorded a bizarre version of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da on the ukelele.
the last two years have been sell-outs, and with the likes of donovan, the divine Comedy and the ukelele orchestra of great Britain (pictured) on the bill, there's every chance of a repeat in 2010.
London, August 15 (ANI): Zac Efron unfolds his hidden talent as a ukelele player in the upcoming period-drama "Me And Orson Welles".
Tito also plays tres: a three-stringed guitar-like instrument similar in size to a ukelele. He picks a mean solo as well as setting a rhythmic pace.
When the alarm goes off--there are four selectable wakeup sounds--you will hear either the marimba, seagulls, fog horn, or ukelele, and SpongeBob's eyes will rise from the soft, sponge-like body.
Three of those (one of which is actually a slide ukelele) are featured on this album, which finds the guitarist playing an assortment of ragas in a style that fuses the Hindustani traditions of the North with the Carnatic of the South.
Will you make any adjustment to this April 4 headline in The Wall Street Journal: "The Ukelele Hall of Fame / And Other Tales of Pluck".
| Stryd Mistar Urdd: Learn to play the ukelele at 10am, try your beatbox skills at 11am, or join in the dancing with Mr Urdd at midday.