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an edict of the Russian tsar

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The film industry in Cuba would appear to be the last place to encounter counterhegemonic discourses, since it is subject to the ukases of the Ministry of Culture.
In practice, 'deregulation' cashes out as 're-regulation', only under a different set of ukases.
He qualifies as a movement neocon, having signed many of the Project for a New American Century's ukases, such as the Sept.
While judges might say that their reasons for decision are thus and so, having no obvious economic interpretation, and while legal doctrines and statutes look unlike the ukases of efficiency, the truth of the matter lies deeper.
What they decide is often law only in the sense that we will obey their ukases, even when they split five to four and the four have by far the better arguments.
He would have realized that when God addresses Adam and Eve, He is not addressing mature adults but unseasoned innocents who must be taught by parable, not by literal ukases. Thus, when God says to Adam that he should not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and threatens rather extreme punishment if Adam disobeys, He does not mean every word literally.
The essays are packed with fascinating and important information and are generally well-written, mercifully avoiding the jargon and inanities of queer theory, as well as the postmodern tendency to issue ukases and present misinformation to advance a theoretical position.
In the 17th century, several ukases (decrees from the Czar), ordered severe punishments for any crime affecting the aboriginal population of the north, and in 1822 a "Regulation for the Administration of Non-Russians" was approved, that divided the natives of Siberia into sedentary, nomadic, and itinerant peoples.
Now to the doctor's eye for suffering had been added the invalid's for slight, and his letters to Levertov and others in that period show, along with the outbursts and ukases of his literary self, the invalid's good manners, quick sympathy and equally quick hurt, and fixed attachment to old sources of pride.
For all the proud claims to distinction which mark the ukases emanating from Twickenham, on inspection the lines of division melt away.