ugly duckling

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an ugly or unpromising child who grows into a beautiful or worthy person

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The Ugly Duckling has to spend a long cold winter alone until spring, when she is taken in by a flock of swans.
The story of the Ugly Duckling is well known but this musical version gives a modern, hilarious and deeply touching interpretation to the fairy tale.
The Ugly Duckling opens at Alnwick Playhouse on December 2 and is on the road, visiting village and concert halls, pubs, churches and theatres until January 31.
Ugly Duckling is a new company from Los Angeles aimed at hair stylists.
Ballet saves the Ugly Duckling in Mills' staging: She stumbles into a dance class and realizes that she has, in fact, been a graceful swan all along.
If our production of Ugly Duckling inspires children to start ballet lessons then that's great, but most importantly I hope it awakens in them a love and appreciation for the magic of dance and theatre in general.
Christian Name by Lawrence Giffin and Thank You for the Window Office by Waged Zaher from Ugly Duckling.
Actress Brenda Asnicar, 18, has wowed Argentina with her role in Patito Feo, which means Ugly Duckling.
Empire Sutton Coldfield, Sat/Sun 11am The Ugly Duckling and Me ( U): Animation for under fives.
Hatton's Grace, an ugly duckling, had changed stables since finishing fifth in the 1948 Champion Hurdle, and the nine-year-old's transformation from also-ran to champion was early proof of the genius of his new trainer, Vincent O'Brien.
Stephen Mitchell (reteller) Hans Christian Andersen The Ugly Duckling Walker, 2008 unpaged $27.
Designer Ian Callum can take much of the credit for turning Jag's luxury car from ugly duckling to supermodel.
The results of this study suggest the ugly duckling sign may be a valuable melanoma screening tool readily teachable to primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and patients performing periodic skin self-examination, Dr.
THE Ugly Duckling and Me DVD tells the story of Ratso, a wheeler dealer city rat, and Ugly, a baby duckling with a most striking appearance, and is based on the much-loved Hans Christian Andersen fairytale The Ugly Duckling.
That 85% sensitivity when the ugly duckling sign was applied by nonclinicians is much higher than the percentage seen in studies of the ABCD method, Dr.