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If we're so aware of that, why do we uglify the places where we live?
"I even know people who uglify their bike in order to reduce the risk of bike crime.
Al-Thaalibl's goal in this work is to quote witticisms in poetry and prose "demonstrating" that what is commonly held as ugly is in fact beautiful (e.g., hoariness) and vice versa (e.g., intelligence), therefore not replacing given expressions with new ones seeking to beautify or uglify them, but rather declaring their value to be diametrically opposed to common belief.
A half-razed Boise Cascade building continues to "uglify" the prominent corner south of downtown Salem, Hines said.
As the two French geographers noticed, the fact that "in certain streets, there was no window that could uglify the ground-floors of the beautiful well-positioned buildings or the ordered layout of the cast iron fences and of the gardens; the traffic, especially that of the pedestrians, is low, so one can find oases of silence among the highways where city life flows full of the continuous anxiety of its people, concerned with meeting their daily needs" is not less true.
Q So you have been trying to uglify yourself in John Carter?