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the state of being everywhere at once (or seeming to be everywhere at once)

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Ubiquity LED T8 Universal lamps are available in 12.5W and in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures with thermal fuse protection to help prevent overheating.
New Delhi [India], Dec 17 ( ANI ): The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, through the Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited (BECIL) will organise a conference of Cable TV industry representatives on Tuesday to discuss various issues and seek their views about feasibility, affordability, and ubiquity on the issue of broadband services through Cable TV Networks.
His latest appointment comes as Cardiff-based Ubiquity embarks on its latest expansion phase, that will see it recruiting more staff, opening new offices around the UK and increasing its number of international clients.
Ubiquity, which has been delivering a variety of customer services to BankMobile since 2015, has been selected to handle additional business lines including key aspects of the disputes and chargebacks management process.
Ubiquity is committed to "mobile as a service," and the partnership with iWebGate helps bring those solutions to life.
Ubiquity disclosed the attack in a quarterly financial report filed with the U.S.
Under the terms, Coversant will merge into Ubiquity in exchange for 13,242,334 shares of Ubiquity's common stock, valuing the deal at around USD 5.8m.
And it is precisely the experience of primary cinematic identification from which viewers "come down" when the image reappears and visual figures of ubiquity segue gradually into the more concrete images of local particularity.
Ubiquity Broadcasting Corp (OTCQB: UBIQ) announced on Wednesday that Ubiquity Labs, its technology research and development business, has completed development and is rolling out its proprietary WEAV Intelligent Video Surveillance Software platform over the first quarter of 2014.
Ubiquity Studios, Irvine, Calif., recently completed a production using the highly touted and coveted Phantom Flex digital camera.
PUBLIC relations firm Ubiquity is revealing a number of new contract wins.
With more than 80 of the hottest surfers in the world, Sponsor Me, in connection with Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation, Sony, and Time-Warner Oceanic Cable is in its final preparation for the 2011 Sunset Open contest and the second debut of an IP backhaul HD broadcast in Hawaii.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-September 13, 2010--Nokia Siemens says Belgacom to use Ubiquity TV platform(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
Verizon's approach can only be described as ubiquity for its own sake.
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