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the state of being everywhere at once (or seeming to be everywhere at once)

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I do not wish to contribute to the sort of voyeurism that has accompanied the hypervisibility of certain acts of violence committed against Palestinian bodies, or the ways in which such events become spectacles that circulate in a way that absolves the consumer of responsibility to the Palestinian people, feeling that the ubiquitousness of such violence is in some way, inevitable.
A California interviewee cited the ubiquitousness of transit and its benefits as positive for metropolitan areas' economic vitality.
I was used to myself and other kids saying "my toy" and "my video game," but seeing the word's ubiquitousness among the adults was amusing.
The nitrogen cycle is a challenging subject for historical research, not only for its intangibility but also for its ubiquitousness and centrality to human existence.
Singaporean Theodore Chan can't help but comment about the "ubiquitousness" of the Filipino overseas worker.
Thanks to the ubiquitousness of cell phones, tablets, iPads and other devices with cameras, the documenting of these unfortunate incidents is easier, leading to more questions and accountability.
Coverage encompasses the ubiquitousness of colorism, origins in early American law, interracial intimacy, affirmative action, and psychological insecurity among African Americans, among other topics.
Such citations make clear the purpose and the physical features of the table-book and collectively testify to the ubiquitousness of tables in an age in which the fountain pen was almost entirely unknown.
Despite the ubiquitousness of sex in the media, Goldman says that there are few representations of authentic female sexuality.
The publication of a second edition underscores its ubiquitousness, but unfortunately, the overall approach to updating the text is poorly lacking.
Since Wibro has the advantages of ubiquitousness, mobile users can access the web, multimedia contents, and whatever information while moving.
A relatively low concentration level of toluene as the target VOC, in the range of 0-30 ppm, was selected for this work, in the consideration of ubiquitousness of indoor and outdoor environments.
In colleges, an emphasis has been placed on minority inclusion campaigns, lowered requirements for entry--lower than for whites and Asians--and an abundance of grants and scholarships for minority and impoverished students, all under the label of "affirmative action." But even with the near ubiquitousness of such policies, blacks haven't fared well, as noted above, especially poor blacks whom the aid is purportedly meant to help most.
Despite the ubiquitousness of the Internet, TV is still the top medium for consuming news for U.S.
The lack of a specific, indigenous theory and detailed vocabulary to refer to konggap, facilitating a consciously analytical phase (see page 68, Cognitive processes when hearing a konggap), is compensated by the ubiquitousness of and daily confrontation with konggap.
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