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Synonyms for ubiquitous

Synonyms for ubiquitous

ever present in all places

Synonyms for ubiquitous

being present everywhere at once


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KEY WORDS: Ubiquitous Computing, Ubiquitous Information Interaction (UII), Mobile Computer Systems, Natural Disaster Management, Ubiquitous Dead Bodies Management
This special issue features ten of such papers from ten different countries or economies, which would collectively offer a global perspective in the opportunities and challenges in bridging the research and practice in mobile and ubiquitous learning.
A spokesman for Ubiquitous said: "CabConnect is the latest evolution in taxi advertising, specifically created by Ubiquitous to help brands engage with a 'smartphone audience'.
Ubiquitous DTCP-IP is a software development kit (SDK) that can be used to develop DTCP-IP-compliant home network devices.
The converge of the Ubiquitous Computing and the Semantic Web service arise three main issues in this respect which are, 1) how to encapsulate these data resources produced from mobile devices?
This wireless revolution is apparent in Japan: just witness the popularity of the massive Networld + Interop Tokyo 2005, a showcase of Internet technologies for a ubiquitous society attended by over 152,000 visitors in just three days.
The ubiquitous sensor network will enhance consumer convenience by efficiently managing products, food, transportation, environment and Medicare, creating $6.
Through this enhancement, we will help Sprint provide the most enhanced wireless connectivity to its customers," said Yasuo Sakai, director, Business Strategies, Mobile Information & Communication Appliance Division, Ubiquitous Platform Systems Group of Hitachi, Ltd.
Businesses are able to develop and deploy substantial technology and functionality at a fraction of the cost because of the Internet's economies of scale, while workers from clerical to knowledge-based gain real-time, ubiquitous, contextual access to mission critical information and functionality without regard to physical location, information or access method.
ONE OF THE MOST complete victories in the fight for free expression has also been one of the least heralded: We now live in a world of ubiquitous and infinitely varied pornography.
The third wave, just barely starting to break, is the era of ubiquitous computing.
A new study has found provocative evidence that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)--banned but still ubiquitous oils used to insulate electric transformers and other equipment beginning in the late 1930s--may be one such agent.
TOKYO -- Ubiquitous Corporation, a Tokyo based leading embedded software company [JASDAQ NEO:3858], announces that it has added software libraries for DTCP-IP1 Ver.
Multimedia and ubiquitous engineering; proceedings.
Context-aware and ubiquitous learning is a computer supported learning paradigm for identifying learners' surrounding context and social situation to provide integrated, interoperable, pervasive, and seamless learning experiences.
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