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the state of existing and being localized in space

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Physical things or places have ubiety, that is, "whereness." As a consequence of this characteristic, managing the congestion of physical resources sometimes resorts to approaches in which the resource use can be shared, with spatial or temporal segregation managing the signal congestion.
Mezey, Paradoxes', supra note 105, at 2009-12 (tracing the history of the legal concept of cultural property).) Rituals that are linked to specific sacred sites probably should also be thought of as another separate category of cultural property, because of their ubiety (whereness) through their association with place-specific sites.
Local public goods have whereness, that is, ubiety, because it is territorial jurisdictions that provide local public goods.
However, Swift favours the term 'ubiety' over Stanner's 'everywhen' to express universal location.
One throb hip-quaking--a frenzy working her way through steps she knows as intimately as the scrs on her psyche." She bathes, dresses, glances in at her children, and then, as "a jolt of expectation shoots through her," she "hastens along that familiar avenue certain of her destination/that honky tonk haven, that urbane ubiety of flesh hunters and soulful survivors." Coleman has suceeded in writing something quite revolutionary here: the portrait of a woman who is an actively sexual being, without shame or guilt, as well as a responsible mother.