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a carnival performer who does disgusting acts

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However, the true Uber-geek would probably sneer at something as mundane as counting lights.
Myhrvold is chief of technology at Microsoft - sort of the uber-geek of the land of the geeks, as it were.
It stars Richard Ayoade as uber-geek Moss, Chris O'Dowd as Roy - catchphrase "have you tried turning it off and on again?" - and Katherine Parkinson as neurotic, unlucky-inlove Jen, who manages the team despite not knowing what IT stands for and thinking the entire internet can be contained in one box.
Napoleon Dynamite is an uber-geek of the latter type.
Friedlander, whose hysterical impersonation of uber-geek Toby Radloff was one of the highlights of "American Splendor," offers a subtler characterization here as a lovable dweeb who, unlike his old friend, has made something out of his adult life.
The announcement came in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where uber-geek Page's keynote was punctuated by onstage banter with comedian Robin Williams and two-time NBA champion Kenny Smith.
ONCE the preserve of the uber-geek, Linux is now entering mainstream computing.
GOOD luck to Aberdeen University student Andrew Grieve, part of an uber-geek team of three Brits competing in Brazil this week in the finals of the Imagine Cup.