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medium-sized tree-dwelling monkey of the Amazon basin

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Much of this work involves little-known or endangered wildlife, like the uakari monkey, or species of particular economic importance to the local communities.
Red-Faced Uakari Monkey" takes viewers deep into the Amazon rainforest in search of the elusive and fascinating Red-Faced Uakari monkey.
The Rainforest Trust claims that it 'lies in an area that has some of the highest levels of biodiversity ever recorded on the planet', with more than 550 bird species, nearly 80 amphibians, and more than 120 mammals, including rare species such as red uakari monkeys, jaguars, and tapirs.
armadillo, giant aye-aye bat (12 species) cat (small, 9 species) cheetah deer (22 species) elephant, Asian gazelle (10 species) gorilla jaguar kangaroo rat (6 species) langur (6 species) leopard, clouded lion, Asiatic manatee, West Indian mandrill marmoset (4 species) monkey (18 species) mouse (17 species) ocelot orangutan oryx, Arabian otter (5 species) panda, giant panther, Florida puma, eastern rhinoceros (5 species) seal (4 species) tapir (4 species) tiger uakari (all species) vole (3 species) wallaby (6 species) whale (7 species) yak, wild zebra, mountain
The inflatables were chosen based on the alphabet, as he wanted to have animals and plants representing the letters of the alphabet from A to Z, ranging from Ants to Zebras and including in-betweens such as Tulips and Uakaris, a type of monkey.