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Over 100 Hyundai cars will be delivered to U-Drive as part of a deal signed earlier to provide customised fleet solutions.
At Honolulu Ford, fleet purchases by U-drive companies are up because of an expanded car buyback program instituted by the manufacturer, and Chun anticipates the dealership's 1991 sales will hit $80 million, a 23 percent increase over last year.
Two service stations, Oshiro Service and U-Drive (565-6952) and Lanai City Service (565-7227), rent 25 four-wheeldrives and jeeps, as well as cars; make arrangements with either before you leave home.
Gibby is the former general manager of U-Drive Auto Sales in Sevierville.
Al Hilal Hospital, Panasia, UAE Exchange, Philips, Call Home and U-Drive were co-sponsors and Gulf Daily News and Your FM were the official media partners.
The U-Drive shop on Crescent Avenue, without explanation, refused to rent a customer a one-speed bike for the pumping climb to the gardens.
Behind the showroom, the 35-person service department was busy digging broken keys out of U-drive ignitions and replacing mangled door handles, while retail customers waited up to two weeks for service appointments.
Al Hilal Hospital, Panasia, UAE Exchange, Philips, Call Home and U-Drive are co-sponsors and Gulf Daily News and Your FM are the official media partners.
It's a shame Sam Greenberg isn't around anymore because this is exactly the kind of scene the late owner of Sam's U-Drive Rentals had in mind 15 years ago when he walked in the front door of New Horizons looking for a cause.
ONE SUMMER DAY nine years ago, Fred Condon, president of National Car Rental Systems in Hawaii, was chatting with his friend David De Luz in the U-drive firm's Hilo office.
U-drive boat: Crown Blue Line offers self-drive canal boat tours, with each boat accommodating two to 12 passengers.
Both benefitted from bigger fleet sales to local U-drive companies (see story, page 53).