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U-Drive is a true, next-generation motor and the result of three years' development.
By removing the gearbox and single motor entirely and replacing with two U-Drives powered by two separate inverters, each airend stage is now driven directly and independently, for even greater performance.
Over 100 Hyundai cars will be delivered to U-Drive as part of a deal signed earlier to provide customised fleet solutions.
"Our deal with U-Drive is the beginning of a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship," said First Motors general manager Raed Mu'ti.
The car-rental company is now promoting its 'U-Drive Adventures' programme, which offers guests free passes to some of the most popular activities on the island.
At Honolulu Ford, fleet purchases by U-drive companies are up because of an expanded car buyback program instituted by the manufacturer, and Chun anticipates the dealership's 1991 sales will hit $80 million, a 23 percent increase over last year.
Al Hilal Hospital, Panasia, UAE Exchange, Philips, Call Home and U-Drive were co-sponsors and Gulf Daily News and Your FM were the official media partners.
Behind the showroom, the 35-person service department was busy digging broken keys out of U-drive ignitions and replacing mangled door handles, while retail customers waited up to two weeks for service appointments.
Al Hilal Hospital, Panasia, UAE Exchange, Philips, Call Home and U-Drive are co-sponsors and Gulf Daily News and Your FM are the official media partners.
ONE SUMMER DAY nine years ago, Fred Condon, president of National Car Rental Systems in Hawaii, was chatting with his friend David De Luz in the U-drive firm's Hilo office.
In addition, National is among the five largest U-drive operations in the state.
While De Luz ironically got out of farming because of the long days, he was putting in 80-hour weeks to land new National U-drive contracts, ease the company's red ink and turn the enterprise around.
Therefore, De Luz has increased the number of cars in National's local outlet from 1,200 to 3,000, making him the fifth largest U-drive firm in the state based on number of vehicles behind local powerhouses including Budget, Dollar and Tropical Rent A Car.
Both benefitted from bigger fleet sales to local U-drive companies (see story, page 53).