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bloodsucking African fly

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ST shingles / thinglet SW shes / whew SZ tsetse / tzetze SV salse / valve SY lasers / layery
160) analyzed two variant lists of Head Librarians, John Tzetzes' Prolegomena to Aristophanes and the anonymous Oxyrhynchus fragment 1241 to propose a chronological list of Head Librarians [see Table 1, below]: Table 1.
If one trusts the evidence of the Theogony, Tzetzes's [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] for *[dae ban xwarz] (D doe bon xwarz, I doe bon xorz) indicates that this vowel had fallen by the twelfth c.
320-230 B.C.) is cited by John Tzetzes of the twelfth century A.D.
Tzetzes' literary and scholarly output was enormous, although it contained many inaccuracies--mostly because he was quoting from memory, since he lacked books, which he said his poverty forced him to do without.
The Byzantine scholar, Johannes Tzetzes, who lived in the twelfth century AD, describes their wretched plight as follows:
2.4.10; Diodorus 4.29.2ff.; Pausanias 9.27.6ff.; Athenaeus 13.4, 556f; Tzetzes, Chil.
with the work of Demokritos of Abdera(37) was long ago noted.(38) Strong, and relatively early, traditions linked Demokritos with Hippocrates: Celsus described Hippocrates as `pupil' of Demokritos (Proem 8; there are similar accounts in the later Vitae of Soranos, Tzetzes, and Suda).
John Tzetzes, Prolegomenta de Comoedia (Koster, 32): "all the books of the Greeks and of all the other peoples" (= Anonymus Crameri II, p.