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a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917)

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A case in point is a new Web site,, which was created by Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports--to which, in the interest of full disclosure, let it be known, the Indications tzar subscribes.
This accusation is echoed by the RAA, which claims that the old churches in Karvajar district were turned into quarries, and bits and pieces can now be found inside the walls of public buildings like the school in the town of Tzar. RAA's careful study of the structure found numerous church stones inside its walls and 133 Khachkar fragments.
YOU can't accuse Transport tzar John Henry of not leading by example.
A un niveau figuratif, on peut dire que le courageux tzar bulgare, epee a la main, pret pour le combat, incarnant des vertus viriles, a comme adversaire un empereur colerique, effraye et hesitant, qui evite l'affrontement ouvert en preferant agir en sous-main.
John Jackson, who went inside to present his diplomatic credentials to Prince Ferdinand, who later became the Tzar. Now, today, almost one-hundred years later, I am greeted by the grandson of the Tzar, not as a Tzar, but the freely elected Prime Minister of a free and democratic Bulgaria.
"The specifications released in December were a private publication, not a part of the Web services security work going on in OASIS," notes Ed Reed, Security Tzar at Novell, which currently supports Project Liberty.
Kings, generals, robbers, and killers - Even to the Tzar and the Cossacks, Even to Rockefeller's Church, Even to THE SATURDAY EVENING POST.
Now the scandal-hit Tory youth tzar has been caught out slagging off Scots football commentator Alan Hansen.
PLUMPTON: 12.30 Marley Firth, 1.05 Rather Be, 1.35 Harefield, 2.05 Tzar De L'Elfe, 2.35 HENRI PARRY MORGAN (NAP), 3.10 Bramble Brook, 3.45 Soulsaver.
But giant Central Asian Sheepdog Tzar is now loving life in his hopefully new permanent home high up on the moors of Huddersfield.
FWD is essentially born in Hong Kong owned by Richard Li Tzar Kai of Hongkong (the youngest son of businessman Li Ka-Shing and brother of Victor Li, the 26th in the Forbes List of Hong Kong's 40 richest people in 2010).
According to him, Ahmeti should remove the monument of Tzar Dushan because it serves as provocation to the Albanians, to equally allocate the state budget and regulate the legal-political status of the Albanians, not with percentages.
The bottles, which also included whisky, included copies of Glen's, Activ and Tzar vodka and Highland Commissioner whisky.
Her grandfather, Baron Horace de Gunzburg, was a banker and prominent philanthropisthe was ennobled by the Grand Duke of Hesse and the title was recognised by the Russian Tzar. The typically Francophile family split their time between the Russian capital of St.
Duffield's Tzar Du Paon faces a tough test, as does the Jaci Wickham-trained Kareem W'rsan.