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an amino acid found in most proteins

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On the other hand, if the rat is hemorrhaging, its blood pressure is low, and tyrosine has the opposite effect.
Several mAbs biding to different tyrosine receptors have been formulated by pharmaceutical companies generating significant revenues across the globe.
3] and BSA on protein tyrosine phosphorylation, sperm suspensions were prepared in TALP or TALP without one of the constituents ([Ca.
For patients who have a bone marrow transplant option, failure to respond to a tyrosine kinase inhibitor is now the major indication to proceed with this modality of therapy.
For comparison, we calculated means and 99th percentiles for tyrosine, phenylalanine, and methionine for our screening population (Table 3).
Mesoprefrontal dopaminergic neurons: can tyrosine availability influence their functions?
The oral drug, also known as STI-571, works by binding to Bcr-Abl tyrosine kinase on CML cells, thereby disabling them.
Wurtman is concerned about threonine, tyrosine, and tryptophan, because these three amino acids are converted by the body into neurotransmitters--chemicals that carry messages from one nerve cell to another.
The first study, "Ponatinib, a potent pan-BCR-ABL inhibitor, retains activity against gatekeeper mutants of FLT3, RET, KIT, PDGFR and FGFR1," was presented yesterday and shows that ponatinib overcomes resistant gatekeeper mutations well beyond BCR-ABL -- the drug's target in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and Philadelphia-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Ph+ ALL) -- in other clinically relevant tyrosine kinase targets.
1177] (serine at codon 1177) or tyrosine phosphorylation of eNOS.
A large majority of neuroblastomas produce catecholamines; the tumor cells thus express tyrosine hydroxylase, the rate-limiting enzyme in catecholamine biosynthesis (1).
The mutation revs up an enzyme that attaches the amino acid tyrosine to proteins involved in signaling within cells.
a biotechnology company developing targeted covalent drugs that treat diseases through protein silencing, announced today that two poster presentations on AVL-292, a highly selective Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk) inhibitor being evaluated for the treatment of several hematologic cancers, will be presented at the 2011 American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual meeting taking place on December 10-13, 2011 in San Diego, CA.
The approach can be broadly subdivided into two drug classes: tyrosine kinase inhibitors and non-tyrosine kinase inhibitors.
Princeton University (Princeton, NJ) has patented isolated mammalian nucleic acid molecules encoding receptor protein tyrosine kinases expressed in primitive hematopoietic cells and not expressed in mature hematopoietic cells.