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a port in southern Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea


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The launch strengthens JK Tyre's position in the Indian market for its high-performance truck/bus and passenger car radials.
'The age of a tyre is written on the sidewall of the tyre.
Thomas Edelmann, managing director of RoadSafeyUAE, said: "The worst-case of a tyre burst is not only posing a very serious danger to the affected vehicle and its occupants, but also to other vehicles, just think about the ever-growing number of delivery motorcycles!
Why would you settle for lower quality tyres which can put your safety at risk, when you can have outstanding quality at very affordable prices?
Had the tyres been imported through proper channels, they would have fetched additional revenue for the government and increased employment by supporting the local tyre industry, the CEO stressed.
The report, titled "Automotive tyre Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017-2027)" covers the drivers, impact, challenges, trends as well as opportunities in the global automotive tyre market with competition assessment during the period of 2017-2027.
"This helps to establish at a glance the depth of tread left on the tyres as the tread should be above the outer band of the coin when a 20p piece is inserted between the treads of the tyre.
He said that major issues faced by the tyre industry must be resolved at the earliest in order to safeguard this capital-intensive sector, which is not only creating thousands of jobs, but also helping other industries bring foreign direct investment in the country.
First place to check is at your feet: Your tyres are responsible for safely getting you from holiday point A to point B.
Online automotive marketplace ClickMechanic has researched into the statistics surrounding tyre care and its impact on motorists, with 1075 accidents per year on average in the UK resulting from neglect of tyres.
'The same situation is being faced by the local tyre industry.
Tyre rotation simply means systematically moving them round the wheels in order to achieve a more uniform wear for all the tyres on a vehicle.
The British expat was startled that it had deteriorated so badly and said: "I now know that this tyre was parked in the sun for part of the afternoon, under the porch, during the holidays.
Continental, the leading automotive, tyre and technology company, has announced that its new digital tyre monitoring platform for commercial fleets, ContiConnectao, is set to be introduced in the Middle East by 2019.