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Synonyms for tyrant

Synonyms for tyrant

an absolute ruler, especially one who is harsh and oppressive

one who imposes or favors absolute obedience to authority

Synonyms for tyrant

a cruel and oppressive dictator

in ancient Greece, a ruler who had seized power without legal right to it

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any person who exercises power in a cruel way

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The often impressive achievements of reformer tyrants make them more morally ambiguous than their garden-variety counterparts--almost a kind of good tyrant.
KARACHI -- Ameer Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that in Pakistan, the competition was not between political parties but between the tyrants and the oppressed as the former comprising feudal lords and capitalists were controlling the state institutions and exploiting the poor masses.
Aristotle further argues, "And whereas the power of a king is preserved by his friends, the characteristic of a tyrant is to distrust his friends, because he knows that all men want to overthrow him, and they all have the power.
The rude awakening baffles the tyrant, and like a diminishing candle, which flutters before it is put out, he too shows his power in the form of tyranny before he is finally brought to justice.
Yet the decision to reject writing the magazine for the tyrant, presented as a dignified withdrawal without further explanation, is what attracts attention to the protagonist in the end.
These marine hunters had narrow snouts and multiple teeth, but the teeth weren't serrated like those of Tyrant Swimmer, which also could open its mouth very wide.
There is a new tyrant in the Arab region, which is going through a troubled transitional phase in the wake of the revolutions of change that have toppled the dictators: It is the unruly mobs that are threatening the course of democracy and imposing dangerous tendencies on the future of the Arabs, and their relations with both West and East.
He will go down in history as a brutal tyrant who murdered his own people.
The tyrant was convicted of plotting to kill 850 of the protesters who swept him from power last year.
Tyrant, dictator, maniac, monster to some - but a man with good ideas to others.
According to the junior Defence Minister Gerald Howarth speaking at a fringe meeting of the Conservative party Conference: "We liberated the Iraqis from a tyrant, we liberated Libya from a tyrant, frankly I want to see the UK business benefit from the liberation we've given to their people".
Any tyrant, no matter how long he rules, the will of the people will prevail," the statement, as received by Aswat al-Iraq, noted.
Group members chanted as "Lukashenko the last tyrant of Europe," Many foreign journalists followed the activity.
TYRANT OF TRIPOLI It's arguing and fighting, From EastEnders to Tripoli, The default human condition, seems thus.
Don't misunderstand me - Colonel Gaddafi is a blood-spattered tyrant who should be toppled.