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When the tyrannicide went public, people gathered in front of the house of the Spanish ambassador in Paris to stop any attempt at escape, and Francois Ravaillac, when questioned under torture, denied any acquaintance with Mariana's book.
John of Salisbury's pessimistic depiction of the prince-executioner shaped two other key arguments in the Policraticus, on ritual and tyrannicide.
Starting with the Italian jurist Bartolus de Saxoferrato--who developed in the fourteenth century the distinction established by Thomas Aquinas between tyrant quantum ad modum adquirendi praelationem and quantum ad usum praelationis--the medieval and early modern debate on tyrannicide was marked by a clear distinction between two types of tyrants: the tyrant ex defectu tituli, who seizes power unlawfully, and the tyrant ex parte exercitii, who exercises his power arbitrarily.
Is that incompatible with a final decision for tyrannicide in order to save the most vulnerable of those brothers and sisters?
At the same time, in the socio-political context of Jacobean Scotland, the subject of tyrannicide was a dangerous one.
These calls mushroomed under Mary Tudor, whose persecution of Protestants resulted in strong defences of tyrannicide by John Knox, John Ponet, and Christopher Goodman, among others.
Therefore, in Juan de Mariana--outer circle--, there is a significant institutional change to provide maximum hierarchy to the private property rights which have been obtained by the man's work, arriving in extreme cases to resort to the theory of tyrannicide, when the properties are stolen by a King with the behavior of a tyrant, what is a clear antecedent of the right of rebellion.
5) Claire Gheeraert-Graffeuille, "Tyranny and Tyrannicide in Mid-Seventeenth England: A Woman's Perspective?
17) Words followed from actions, which in turn had a pre-history in discussions of regicide and tyrannicide.
According to Jouhanna, we must "distinguer entre ce qu'on pourrait appeler le 'Henricide' et le tyrannicide en general qui est, lui, bien aborde dans les traits; les lecteurs n'ont sans doute eu aucun mal a faire le lien entre les deux" (352).
Mencius develops many of these principles and advances a strong case for the right of resistance and even tyrannicide.
It then became clear that Suarez was not merely an important theologian--one of the greatest of the so-called "Golden Century" in Spain and the most important of the Second Scholasticism--, but also laid out fairly modern legal and political theories such as the social contract, the popular origin of power and the doctrine of tyrannicide.
I say this because revolution can mean tyrannicide writ large, and in Catholic tradition tyrannicide has never been a sin, whereas the Calvinist Barth worries about presumptuous tampering with social order as divinely ordained.
The casual expectations of the neocons that the "CNN effect" of tyrannicide in Iraq would help them get their way have been cleverly countered not just by Al lazeera but by the much more pervasive and subtle offerings of Turkish television, where U.