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Synonyms for tyrannical

Synonyms for tyrannical

characterized by or favoring absolute obedience to authority

Synonyms for tyrannical

marked by unjust severity or arbitrary behavior

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characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule

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'We join progressive groups and broad formations in opposing Duterte's tyrannical rule as we continue to remain vigilant on the forms of repression employed by the government
'It's also the same with us and the government, we are often portrayed as a tyrannical government, often blamed in campaigns to plant hatred among the people against the government no matter what, debts have to be paid.
These are not necessarily people who would fulfil legitimate immigration requirements, but by posing as asylum-seekers are effectively unlimited since so many people live under undemocratic and tyrannical regimes.
In Plato's Republic, the tyrannical man is ruled by an unruly desire, an eros, that pulls him toward gruesome, shameless acts, like sleeping with one's mother and murder.
Meanwhile, PTI chief Imran Khan has vowed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state in true letter and spirit besides demolishing tyrannical and exploitative system to ensure justice for all and sundry.
| Kate Winslet reprises her role as tyrannical baddie Jeanine Matthews ONCE again, it looks as if the accountants are in danger.
He deplored the daily massacre of the Muslims in different countries of the Middle-East and North Africa, and said, "Massacre of the people in Bahrain which is being done with the support of the Al-Khalifa and Saudi regimes will not help the tyrannical rulers of the Persian Gulf country to survive and will only reveal the real face of the so-called human rights advocates,"
The UN claims to be the world's premier defender of human rights, but its infamous Human Rights Commission is an outrageous assortment of tyrannical dictatorships notorious for terror, torture, and genocide--such as China, Cuba, Libya, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.
Political and religious issues clash in this novel of noblemen, clan-driven societies, magic, and tyrannical religion.
By then Latin American dictatorships had increasingly become technocratic, impersonal, and bureaucratic police states on the model of Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay (if all the more vicious and oppressive for their scientific refinement of the methods of tyrannical rule).
Simonde de Sismondi, whose Histoire des republiques italiennes au moyen age (1802-26) decried the Medici and other Renaissance princes as tyrannical and corrupt.
Mel Gibson (right) both directs and stars in this outstanding, multi-Oscar-winning drama based on the life of Scottish hero William Wallace - the man who raised an army against the tyrannical King Edward I of England and his well-armed forces.
James, noting that "if the governor holds his ground, he can make Etowah County Courthouse the Concord Bridge of a Middle American revolution against our reigning judicial dictatorship." (That's Pat -- always striving to avoid hyperbole!) The reason there is nothing tyrannical about asking Judge Moore to remove the plaque is that the courthouse is not his personal fiefdom.
Young Francis Marion Tarwater has been reared by his fanatical, tyrannical grand-uncle Mason to be a prophet; when Mason dies, however, Francis rejects his mission and consequently suffers tortures of doubt and indecision.
Christian Slater dons his leather jacket to return to the role of Randle McMurphy who challenges what's sane and insane alongside Alex Kingston as icy, tyrannical Nurse Ratched.