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Synonyms for tyrannic

characterized by or favoring absolute obedience to authority

Synonyms for tyrannic

characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule

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Who harshly wields the scepter with tyrannic sway, fears those who fear, terror recoils upon its author's head" (Seneca, Oedipus, Loeb edition, 11.
The abjuring of "rough magic" cautions not just against conjuration but against Art's reductive and deluding imitations, especially its proudly tyrannic uses.
Henry's antics and tyrannic rule are explained as the work of "his sycophantic entourage, which flattered and fawned on him, competing for his favours" (12).
Opposed to the tyrannic regime, Toro just seats the bases of the republican civilian like political project.
There he has an active participation in a revolution to overthrow king Idomeneus and to destroy the established order, a tyrannic and corrupted regime.
Though he speaks idealistically of founding a "phalanstery" to wed the best of East and West (288), his actions increasingly reveal a tyrannic disposition.
Competitor Tyrannic, real name Clayton Georges, 20, of Grangetown, Cardiff, said rappers' battles were becoming more popular in South Wales but this was the first in the Wales Millennium Centre.
The girls' opposition to this tyrannic power was therefore understandable.
Excluding the complicated case of Aristophanes's position, all are presented as adherents of the view that a tyrannic eros should rule and that the many can be especially excited and controlled by means of Agathon's poetry and Alcibiades's imperialistic ambition.
Let not men then in the pride of power, use the same arguments that tyrannic kings and venal ministers have used, and fallaciously assert that woman ought to be subjected because she has always been so.
The sinner, tyrannic in revenging himself on what may also be tyranny, is also alone ('sola').
In 1915 an outpost mindset more tyrannic than distance itself isolated white Australians from their regional neighbours, and even from their indigenous people.
However, he noted that money given to the poorest nations has gone straight to their tyrannic rulers and not to the needy.
See Alexis De Tocqueville, De la Democracie en Amerique, Oeuvres completes II (Paris: Pleiade, 1992), part II, chapter 7: "De l'omnipotence de la majorite aux Etats-Unis et de ses effets," and chapter 8, "De ce qui tempere aux Etats-Unis la tyrannic de la majorite.