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a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind

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Only one word, appearing in the first line of the text, was misspelled: "At this very moment, a ravenously bllodthirsty pack of satanic...." This misspelling of bloodthirsty probably was a typographical error. Therefore, I found no evidence in the communique of this pattern of misspelling.
141), where memory wrongly became money in the line "not to mention memory or perception." And lastly, an apology to contributor and reviewer Erik Lofgren for introducing a typographical error into the final entry of the "Works Cited" list at the end of his essay on Furui Yoshikichi, also in the Winter 2002 issue (p.
(The spelling of "hawthorne," for instance, took me toward the socially restrictive and morally compromised world of Hester Prynne, although I subsequently found out that such thinking was a happy accident occasioned by a typographical error.) Some enlightenment is offered by the drawing, which, mounted just inside the room in a triangular orange-red frame, seems to provide a kind of key.
And in the typographical error arena, the correct spelling of the creative director's name at Lowe Lintas & Partners is Niko Courtelis.
Pages without direct links to them can be accessed by anyone making an intelligent guess or typographical error. Therefore, teachers should never require their students to include personal information on Web assignments.
Gremlins in the editing room have made a typographical error of a single letter in each clue.
A typographical error in the program notes quotes Kenneth Tynan as calling Macbeth a "concerned thug." In fact, he called him a "cornered thug" who ends up "lacking even a death scene with which to regain lost stature.
ISLAMABAD -- The government on Tuesday removed managing director of the Pakistan Television (PTV) over a typographical error during Prime Minister Imran Khan's live speech from Beijing.
As for the typographical error that caused the dismissal of the case, the court said the prosecution's move to amend the date of importation does not change the court's position, and instead "bolsters our holding that the delivery of the dangerous drugs to the custody of the importer in Valenzuela City consummated the act of importation." The judge earlier ruled that because the information filed at the Manila court alleged that the drug importation of 602 kilos of shabu took place on May 26, 2017, while the delivery and transportation took place fromMay 23 to 24, the drug delivery was deemed absorbed as acomponent of the importation case.
The bench, which consists of justices Athar Minallah and Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb, also rejected NAB's claim that the man was declared dead in 2001 because of a typographical error and was again declared dead in another case in 2004 because his information was copied from the previous case.
He told M AIL T ODAY : " The allotment of a staff could be a typographical error. As
Simon Bewsher, acting agent on behalf of Vodafone, said: "All I can suggest is that it's simply a typographical error."
She made a typographical error in a computerized bankruptcy application that automatically totaled the assets and liabilities.
"It was just a typographical error that didn't get caught when we proofread the copy," said college spokeswoman Nancy Wright.
The Grauniad, never one to make a typographical error itself, gleefully announced he had mistakenly had an extra 'h' inserted to his wife's name, Victoria.