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relating to or occurring or used in typography

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In the 2016 presidential primary campaigns, candidates' typographic design has been a subject of great media attention (e.
Some chose to enhance the typographic elements, while others in the class added color to the background and foreground to achieve a three-dimensional look.
As Smitshuijzen Abifares describes in her essay, the effects of the first Typographic Matchmaking project, which concluded in 2007, have been fairly large because, as she says, "type design in the Arab world has been progressing slowly, and because the market is still small.
Barbara Usherwood, head of design section, in the university's school of arts and media, said: "This outstanding success rate demonstrates the very high level of typographic standards achieved by our students.
James Mosley says that the lecture was "not intended to be a set of reminiscences," but he has been so closely involved in the preservation of typographic materials that his recollections are extremely valuable.
Four basic design principles dominate the first part of Robin Williams' The non-designer's design book: Design and typographic principles for the visual novice: contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.
Banal at first, and lagging behind the typographic and political radicalism of his contemporaries, the postwar books, following the short stay of Pierre Faucheux in his atelier, finally arrived at a distinctive, personal style.
He argues that Jonson's early quartos should be viewed as "a playwright's homage to a melior theatrum, an idealized stage" since they "work out typographic devices that reinforce or replicate effects proper to the theater" (144-46).
The most arcane typographic symbols and options--like Old Style Figures, True Small Caps, and ligatures--now just take seconds to apply (see illustrations previous page).
SM: His was the first typographic English translation of Duchamp's notes.
Robert Bringhurst's Elements of Typographic Style was first published in 1992 and appeared in a revised and expanded edition in 1996.
Her only typographic experiment, "Toast to Art and June," is less impressive: The spatial arrangement of the sixteen words of this poem promises much but delivers very little.
The contribution of typographic style (source code formatting) to the understandability of the program is not clear.
In fostering what we think of as patterns of rational thought, this typographic tradition was essential to the development of American democracy.