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one who sets written material into type

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In the music printing domain, he became an imperial typographer in Prague, as the bulk of the works he published were written by Rudolf II's musicians and composers, including those who only stayed at the court temporarily.
Croatian typographer Nikola Durek adds that the thickness and the position of the bar should be determined by the contrast of the letter and the x-height.
Anyone who has studied the work of Daniel Berkeley Updike--both as a practicing typographer and published authority on the subject--might very well object to this pronouncement.
With the spread of personal computers in the late 1980s and 1990s, typographers and writers found themselves using similar tools, and their practice began to reconverge.
Following the introduction Miss Marsh turns to short biographies of 38 figures associated with the Pre-Raphaelite world, starting with Rossetti and ending with the engraver and typographer, Emery Walker.
One area of focus is the way each typographer creates unity in the style through similarities of each letter.
As a graphic designer, typographer and teacher, Mafundikwa says that the "the letters and symbols we write with are extremely important to a visual communicator like me.
He worked as a typographer and printer for 41 years, retiring in 1990.
Feature Font of This Issue's Colophon: Blue Island, which took British typographer Jeremy Tankard three years to design.
By employing Zvi Narkiss, Israel's foremost typographer, Ben-Zvi found a master designer and aesthetician in addition to typographer.
The letters created by a young Swiss typographer who went up to Paris in the fifties turn up on perfume, chewing gum, Swissair ads, timetables, Fiat cars and countless products.
The first typewriter patent of any consequence was issued by the Patent Office to William Austin Burt of Detroit, who called his crude machine a typographer.
Many people don't really understand what a typographer does," says Ugolini.
1912 - 1980) New Zealand poet, typographer, and editor.
com/research/98e11e/typographic_web_de) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new book "Typographic Web Design: How to Think Like a Typographer in HTML and CSS" to their offering.