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someone paid to operate a typewriter

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However, all typists confirmed that they haven't received any official notification of any change in visa rules from the government.
He'll dally briefly with Hollywood hopeful typist Flaemmchen before falling unexpectedly in love with depressed dancer Grushinskaya (Cynthia Beckert, ironically not called upon to display much footwork).
In addition, SpeakWrite anticipates ongoing need for more typists as its legal and law office accounts expand.
Stephen Downing and, right, typist Wendy Sewell, who was bludgeoned to death
Stephen Downing, 44, is out on bail pending an appeal against his 1973 conviction for killing typist Wendy Sewell.
Margaret Joyce, a 28-year-old typist from Carlisle, fled with her husband William in 1939 to join the Nazis in Germany.
Michelle Magson's baby is extra-special as the 36-year-old typist, from Acocks Green, is expecting her first child after spending pounds 6,000 on three IVF treatments.
There is a growing support campaign for his denial that he kille typist Wendy Sewell in a graveyard in Bakewell, Derbyshire, in 1973 when he had the mental age of a child.
THE Queen should be retrained and get a job as a typist, according to Australian MP Meredith Burgmann.
The complete Amazing Race competition featured four participants: Ben Cook using triple tap input; a former Tegic employee using T9 input; a proficient typist using a Blackberry device with a full QWERTY keyboard; and Nuance's own staff member demonstrating Nuance Mobile Dictation.
Tenders are invited for Requirement Of Staff (Computer Typist, Typist And Telephone Opertor)For 04 Months
The district had issued layoff notices to 25 employees - including accounting and typist clerks and educational assistants - but most of the layoffs did not occur since the district moved them into positions left vacant through attrition.
The Staffs force plan to ditch Fiona, 36, in September in favour of employing a typist at the police station.
Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Service For Stenographers / Typist Having Knowledge Of Hindi/English Typing And Writing Of Short-Hand With Experience In Working Of Computer From Out Sourcing For Cpd-1, Dy.