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a group of typists who can work for different persons

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According to thinktank IPPR, the move has implications for social mobility and inequality which has produced a report looking at women born in different generations since the 1950s, when some male executives infamously used the typing pool as a dating agency.
She began her federal career in 1984 in the typing pool, and was eventually promoted to a budget analyst in 1992.
Overtaken by technology, they sit in the past alongside the phone booth, the subway token, the office typing pool and even the card catalog.
The manuscript was sent over to the typing pool, where it was copied onto heavy yellow bond, double-spaced, and then returned to Shawn for editing.
Indeed, it is claimed she's now among the richest authors in the world, which is some achievement for the Yorkshire lass from Armley, Leeds, who joined the typing pool at the Yorkshire Evening Post before going into jour nalism.
Desktop publishing has eliminated the need for a typing pool and e-mail allows for the mass distribution of information and documents almost instantaneously.
Sarah Field (Muzzy) gives a powerful account of Only In New York and Long As I'm Here With You and Tara Rose (Miss Flannery) makes the most of her amusing role as head of the typing pool.
Proud as I am to be a servant of the morass of stupidity that is the voting public, life at DRIP is not all Beluga lunches, Champagne receptions and occasional dips into the Whitehall typing pool.
In my head I was like the buff bloke in the Coke advert and she was the swooning secretary from the typing pool who deliberately breaks the photocopier just so she can ogle him when he comes to fix it.
Maybe Ethan and Chantelle from the typing pool, or whatever it's called now, could shadow you and point out what you're doing wrong.
There are computers in the cataloguing/classification, filing, typing pool, collection development, administration, serials, reference, circulationm and special collection sections.
Her first job after university and secretarial college was in the typing pool of BBC radio news.
For "pool of" besides "pool of blood" there is: pool of sweat, pool of grease, pool of talent, typing pool, pool of resources.
To the horror of her parents, she ditched the typing pool for the more glamorous job of booking the hottest acts and hunting down the capital's best-dressed dancers to make up the programme's audience.