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writing paper suitable for use in a typewriter

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Shoehorning an SBC into eight sides of typing paper may not be all that difficult for an employer that's hired a compliance firm to create a master benefit plan information database, and to use the database to create SPDs, SBCs and other forms, Buckey said.
Practice designs on newsprint or typing paper first and then transfer the design to one of the following options: white or black construction paper and render with colored pencil; Scratch Lite film or Scratch Board and render with Scratch Art[R] tools.
Tape a piece of typing paper over the lens mount of the camera to provide further diffusion.
s Executive line, including such things as address books, envelopes, columnar pads, rolls of paper for printing calculators, portfolios, typing paper and planning pads.
That paper stock is reprocessed into typing paper for which demand still runs high.
With its small footprint, about the size of a sheet of typing paper, ViewStation sits conveniently on top of any size S-video or composite monitor.
Next, the student puts a piece of typing paper on top of the dot-grid paper and marks the dots.
Notebook sheets and typing paper are often composed partly of recycled material.
By obviating the need to change typing paper, dab on correction fluid or walk to the file cabinet, they say, VDTs prompt immobility and rigid postures that stress muscles and tendons and possibly lead to repetition strain injuries.
The JavaStation is very lightweight and no bigger than a sheet of typing paper.
A demonstration on how to make origami paper from ordinary typing paper and a sequence on young people creating giant origami figures are among the many interesting segments of this video.
Kansas City-based Stuart Hall's Green Leaf line, introduced in February, includes legal pads, typing paper, and other products made from 100% recycled paper, according to chairman and chief executive Charles Hanson.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Printing And Stationary Items Typing Paper,Pencil Carbon (Cores, Rubber Band, Paper Pin ( All Pin)
The departments are semienclosed, include their own staffs and carry such items as furniture, facsimile machines and word processors, as well as such traditional home office supplies as typing paper and writing implements.
Open the 701C -- a machine smaller than a sheet of typing paper -- and watch two keyboards ingeniously spread and interlock to form a comfortable, full-size, 85-key typing surface nearly two inches wider than the unit itself.