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Synonyms for typic

Synonyms for typic

being or serving as an illustration of a type

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The soil on the site is Taupo shallow fine sandy loam (Table 1), an Immature Orthic Pumice Soil (Hewitt 2010), USDA classification Typic Vitrandept (Soil Survey Staff 2010).
Typic brings together Abdul Rahman's youthful activist spirit with contemporary concepts infused with Arabic and Lebanese influences.
Physico-chemical properties and productivity of a Nigerian Typic Haplustult amended with fresh and burnt rice-mill wastes.
Properties Soils Alluvial Aridisol Aeric Sewage typic Halaquept sludge ustochept Sand % 43.
After one month of cultivation in mineral solution, young filamentous gametophytes were transferred to trays containing sterilized typic hapludult soil (3 parts) with addition of thermophilic organic compost (1 part).
This may be explained by the low levels of aggregation in the coarse-silty mixed mesic Typic Haploxerolls studied by Knoth (2004); whereas, the Kenyan Ultisols studied here are more strongly aggregated.
With the Black Tigers, he gave the international star Sam Fan Thomas his first big break, inviting the guitarist to join his band before Thomas was to strike out on his own and record the 1980's global hit African Typic Collection.
In the Level Areas, which cover most of the Tidal Flat, Typic Natraqualfs (Gleyic Solonetz) are the dominant soils; they are poorly drained soils with sequences: An-Btng-BCng-Cng.
A POD index value of 0 represents no visible podzolic horizon differentiation, while Typic Haplorthods have a mean index value of 11.
Soil (Oxisol, Coto clay, clayey, kaolinitc isohypoerthermic Typic Hapludox) was collected from the USDA-ARS Experiment Station in Isabela, P .
Soils of the study region belong to the subgroups Lithic Ustorthents, Typic Ustorthents, Typic Ustropepts, Typic Haplustarfs and Typic Rhodudtalfs.
The soils are mapped as the Cecil series (fine, kaolinitic, and thermic Typic Kanhapludults), which are deep, well drained soils that formed from granite, gneiss, schist, and quartzite (Fox and Kreh 2003).
Furthermore, based on descriptions of mostly decomposed, non-fibrous, mucky organic matter and the bulk densities reported by Dachnowski, the original soil classification for the freshly drained Scioto Marsh would be Typic Medisaprists.
The soil at the North Dakota site is mapped as the Bryant series (Fine-silty, mixed, superactive, frigid Typic Haplustolls), which are deep, well-drained, moderately permeable soils on loess covered uplands (27).
A three-year study was conducted at Columbia on a Mexico silt loam (fine' montmorillonitic, Udollic Ochraqualf), at Novelty on a Putnam silt loam (fine' montmorillonitic, mesic Mollic Albaqualf), dand at Portageville on a Tiptonville silt loam (fine-silty, mixed, thermic, Typic Argiudoll).