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Synonyms for typic

Synonyms for typic

being or serving as an illustration of a type

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Characteristics of the use and management systems installed in typic dystrophic Red Latosol Use and Symbol History management system Cerradao' Native 'Cerrado' CN1 Remnant of 'Cerradao' used as reference.
2015), entre otros, consideran que la fertilizacion directa con RF es opcion apropiada para los ambientes tropicales, debido a su disponibilidad, bajos costos y su respuesta es mayor en suelos acidos deficientes en nutrientes, especialmente en P, caracteristicas del Typic Melanudand con y sin pulpa de cafe descompuesta utilizado en la presente investigacion.
Westra presents the first book-length treatment of the chapter in Kant's Critique of Practical Reason called "On the Typic of the Pure Practical Power of Judgment," which has been difficult for readers since it was first published.
2007) in long-term fertilizer experiment noted that the contents of humin, humic acid and fulvic acid in the soil were significantly increased with the application of fertilizer and FYM which could be due to the improved soil organic matter and conducive environment for the formation of humic acid in Typic Haplusteps.
5"W, 300m elevation) with Cfa humid subtropical climate and a sandy Typic Hapludalf soil (SOIL SURVEY STAFF, 2014).
La region del piedemonte muestra un poco mas de desarrollo del perfil de suelo que los suelos de la montana de Siwalik, siendo clasificados como Typic Haplustepts, francosa gruesa.
Table 1 HSG based on USDA soil classification HSG Soil Texture A Sand, loamy sand or sandy loam B Silt or loam C Sandy clay loam D Clay loam, silt clay loam, sandy clay, silty clay, or clay Table 2 Soil types according to soil texture Type of soil Soil texture Coarse Loamy Typic Dystropepts Clay loam Coarse Loamy Typic Humitropepts Sandy clay loam Fine Loamy Lithic Troporthents loam Fine Loamy Typic Dystropepts Silty clay Sandy loam Loamy sand Typic Tropudalf Silty clay Ultic Dystropepts Loamy sand Ultic Tropudalf Sandy clay loam Table 3 Hydrological soil group, land use and CN S.
Typic Paleudults (Bekenu Series) soil was sampled at 0 to 25 cm in an undisturbed area of Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu Sarawak Campus Malaysia (latitude 3 12' 14.
K3] SiCL 2mabk Table 2: Classification of the soils in the study area Physiography Profile Land use Soil Classification (keys to number soil taxonomy, 2014) Piedmont 1 Paddy soil Fine, mixed, active, thermic, plain Aquic Calcixerepts Fine-loamy, 2 Dry farming mixed, superactive, thermic Typic Calcixerolls 3 Pasture Fine-loamy, mixed, superactive, thermic Typic Calcixerolls Alluvial 4 Paddy soil Fine, mixed, active, thermic plain Aquic Calcixerepts Fine-loamy, 5 Dry farming mixed, superactive, thermic Typic Calcixerolls 6 Pasture Fine-loamy, mixed, active, thermic Typic Calcixerolls
2007) classified both Hypersalic Sodic Gleyic Solonchaks and Typic Aquisalids.
Soil type in Field 2 (TIF) was a Metz loamy sand (sandy, mixed, thermic Typic Xerofluvents).
Key words: P decline rate, phosphorus, residual effect, rice, Typic Camborthid.
Collection of fungal samples: Mycelia of bioluminescent fungi were collected by hand at night along eight 325m long transects, distributed evenly in old-growth and secondary forests taking into account four different soil types: Andic Humitropept (AH), Typic Tropohumult (TT), Typic Humitropept (TH) and Andic Dystropept (AD) according to the original version of Soil Taxonomy (USDA Soil Survey Staff 1975 in Sancho & Mata 1987, McDade & Hartshorn 1994).
Soils were mesic Hapladults or typic Hapladults over weathered sandstone and weathered cherty limestone parent materials (NRCS websoil survey, 2009).