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a keyboard for manually entering characters to be printed

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In his wonderful book, "Guns, Germs, and Steel," Jared Diamond explains how the typewriter keyboard came to be designed to be intentionally inefficient.
When they converted to electronic typesetting, Van Dyne had to learn to type in order to keep his job, since the Linotype keyboard differed from the typewriter keyboard used by the new electronic typesetters.
It has everything to do with two habits inherited from a typewriter keyboard devised some 100 years ago and paper punch cards of 50 years ago.
Edusoft curriculum specialist Lauren Goldenberg recalls: "Many of them [the teachers] didn't even know how to use a typewriter keyboard, but they agreed to immerse themselves in technology.
This connection, initiated at UCLA via an IBM Selectric typewriter keyboard wired to a communications processor, resulted from a U.
Thus, although there are abundant linkages with the most important academic contributions -- from James Beniger, JoAnne Yates, and Alfred Chandler, for example -- and a wealth of detail, some opportunities for locking into academic debate -- such as, the explanation for the choice of typewriter keyboard layout, known as the QWERTY parable -- are neglected.
Remembering that a computer keyboards is not synonymous with the typewriter keyboard, individualized computer keyboard training should be offered to point out the keys that are unique to the computer [such as the function keys "ESC," "ENTER," "RETURN," "ALT" and "CTRL").
Each desk unit contains a line display, printer, and fullsized typewriter keyboard.
The PT-3600's notebook-style QWERTY typewriter keyboard is easier to use than smaller keyboards; and coupled with the enhanced LCD display, it allows you to input data faster and more accurately.
Which row of a typewriter keyboard has the most vowels?
The Enigma machine had a typewriter keyboard and using three (later four) wheels, chosen from a set of five, scrambled each letter typed in.
The Dvorak typewriter keyboard was not really significantly better than the old QWERTY version, and now that anyone can go Dvorak with a computer keystroke, almost no one does.
Q-W-E-R-T-Y, of course, are the first six letters on the upper left of the typewriter keyboard - the universal standard since the 1890s.
His goal, he says, "has been to broaden the concept of man-machine interaction' by going beyond the typewriter keyboard, joystick or light pen.
Externally, it appears to be a business phone with the addition of a full-travel standard typewriter keyboard and an eight-line by 80-character LCD screen.