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a buffer that keeps track of key strokes until the computer is ready to respond to them

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Type-Ahead is best suited for situations where you are looking for a specific document.
The new site features include type-ahead text, which anticipates customer queries and showcases recommendations on products, brands and other search terms.
"Add more intuitiveness, like type-ahead functionality," he says.
Searches for company names are even easier with a type-ahead function that provides a drop-down screen with options.
Type-ahead functionality may encourage users to leverage standardized terms and keywords.
<p>Reach also includes support for rich text, time stamps, spell check, emoticons, multi-way chat, built-in VoIP and point-to-point video, optional file transfer, integrated chat histories, location awareness, contact list with type-ahead and search, and contact business cards.
The site uses a nice blend of free social tagging and control to ensure good user experience; when you type in a tag to add to a product review, type-ahead verifies existing tags and prompts you to select one from the existing list of matches to maximize consistency.
New features include "In Common," a field that allows users to find the connections and groups they share with a selected user; the ability to save searches and receive reminders by email; basic and expanded views; and a type-ahead widget that recommends connections in the search box.
The company said that Google Chrome, which is optimised for Web 2.0, enhances the performance speed for AJAX-powered features of NetSuite, including eXtreme list editing, type-ahead lookups, rich text editing, drag-and-drop and quick-add portlets, while OpenAir experiences similar performance gains for dynamic workflows, such as assigning project resources and managing project tasks.
Some enhancements were added to make the workstation more compatible with the PC environment: entry assist extensions, enhanced null processing, type-ahead, screen change notification and ALA character set support.