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the original specimen from which the description of a new species is made


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Montandon (1909) described the species from a series but did not designate a type specimen.
The type specimen is considered to be the representative for the entire species," Alfred Roca, a professor of animal sciences and member of the Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois, who led Illinois's efforts in the study, said.
After allowing several years instead of the more usual one for debate, the ICZN announced March 31 that commissioners favored Frazier's proposal for gigantea and the Smithsonian type specimen.
After the scenario is set, the students are provided with a microfuge tube of stomach contents, small spatulas and transfer pipets, staining dishes, forceps and razor blades, compound microscopes, distilled water, slides and coverslips, Lugol's solution, toluidine blue, and an array of fresh type specimens.
If these are the types of Colostethus meridensis, and all the available evidence points to that, the re-cataloging process of this type series under the number MBUCV 6645 should be considered invalid and the original museum deposition numbers (MBUCV 6168 to 6172; five individual numbers) must be restored and maintained associated with the type specimens (although we could not find evidence of association of each of the individual types "A", "B", "C" and "E" to specific museum numbers; only specimen "D" being referred in the original description as the holotype, MBUCV 6168 ).
We present here the results of a dietary isotopic study (of bone collagen carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios) of the Neanderthal type specimen, a second Neanderthal found in 1997/2000, and associated fauna from the Kleine Feldhofer Grotte site in the Neander Valley, Germany.
Others can be found in John Dreyfus's two albums of Type Specimen Facsimiles (1963 and 1972) and in dozens of other books and journal articles published over the years.
While previous nomenclatural inconsistencies within Lophotus are a result of an inadequate amount of comparative material, the absence of type specimens for many nominal species, and the world-wide distribution of the group, the confusion surrounding the taxonomy of the genus also reflects the indirect and non-latinized naming of the type specimen for Lophotus (Giorna 1809; for a complete discussion, see Goin and Erdman 1951).
A type specimen is the first sample of a species to be described and named by a botanist.
Specimen type Specimen preparation Qualitative, semi-quantitative, quantitative Quality control Readout Reportable range Troubleshooting and maintenance Correlation of results Safety Biohazard waste and disposal
In the case of the four [presumably] Early Eocene species of Solanites, it was necessary to not only locate their type specimens, but also to locate the type specimen of type species for the genus, Solanites brongniartii even though it is from the Oligocene, in order to evaluate their identifications.
Coenosia globuliseta is redescribed herein, as the original description by Zielke lacked any illustrations and very few details were given concerning the type specimen, with the terminalia having been ignored completely.
First a choice of beds dedicated specifically selected appropriate to the type specimen, which guarantees an optimal process of disintegration of samples while maintaining the high quality of the extracted material, such as sand from pomegranate and ceramic ball dedicated to the disintegration of all kinds of samples for later DNA isolation.
We re-examined this fern, comparing it to a herbarium type specimen, and conclude that it is not S.
As the lepidoptera fauna is not thoroughly explored in Arunachal and that there are potential of recording new species for science, an extensive project will be planned for the region by the BNHS in near future" said BNHS pincipal investigator Dr Subhalaxmi, who visited the Ziro and Talley Valley Sanctuary September last in pursuit of collecting the type specimen of the Zygaenid moth.