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the original specimen from which the description of a new species is made


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The type specimen, a seeded pistillate plant, is deposited at LINN (Fig.
But with the genus still being poorly understood at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the type specimen from the northern Cape was discovered by Ross in 1975 to have been a hybrid, one parent being Acacia haematoxylon.
We also thank Hans Mejlon (UZIU) and Gunvi Lindberg (NHRS) for providing photographs of type specimens, and Thierry Bourgoin (MNHN) and Manfred Asche (ZMHB) for specimen loans, including the type specimen of A.
Given the low relief of the footprints, the type specimen of Limnopus variabilis is likely a shallow underprint, but it is plantigrade and displays the complete morphology of the manus and pes.
Washington, Nov 6 ( ANI ): Researchers have revealed that a 300-year-old type specimen for Asian elephants is actually an African elephant.
Saenger & Wollaston (1982), however, found slightly elongate terminal cells in the type specimen of the taxon and stated that "in the limited material available, no more than one tetrasporangium has been observed on each fertile whorl-branchlet" (page 81) suggesting that they had limited access to tetrasporic material of the species, and they could not dismiss a priori the presence of several tetrasporangia per whorl.
Just one of the problems: The earliest candidate for a type specimen was either lost or mislabeled for at least 90 years.
The type specimen is deposited in the Natural History Museum, London, designated as BMNH.
No sectioning of type specimens is needed if students bring their drawings from the previous session or if the type specimen slides from session 1 are available.
It seems as if there was a mistake in matching the line with the holotype's data (Catalog number, Order and Family, Genus and Species, Number of specimens, Locality) with the corresponding opposite line with additional information (Collection date, Collector, Altitude, Identifier, Comments), a mistake that generates a mismatch for each subsequent type specimen entry (Fig.
Under the heading of Listriodon pentapotamiae, Colbert (1935) described the type specimen GSI B107, a complete right M 2 and fragment of right M 3 , also right and left P 4 .
The original description is incomplete, lacks illustration and the type specimen was destroyed during the bombing of Herbarium Berolinense (B) during World War II.
Ultimately, we were to create an enhanced podcast, viewable on an iPod and the Internet, to convey dinosaur type specimen information effectively through digital media.
On October 11, 1912, two days after the collection date of the type specimen, the expedition discovered the Pimenta Bueno river and according to Rondon, on that date they were at 18[degrees] 7' W of Rio de Janeiro and 11[degrees] 49' 15" S latitude and at 354 km from Juruena (Viveiros, 1958: 302) where the expedition had officially started.