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This type of architecture lets your application scale up massively, while supporting extreme component reuse.
They also reasoned that this plan could be carried out within the given budget by making use of low-cost greenhouse construction techniques, which they have appropriated for decades as a kind of open-source spatial framework ideally suited to the light and flexible type of architecture they favor.
In this area two caravansaries or inns can be noted, built of stone and the type of architecture shows that both were constructed simultaneously during the Safavid era.
This type of architecture is present in abundance in the mountain villages.
Without a well-planned, careful, deliberate approach to data architecture, another type of architecture rises to take its place--a "spaghetti architecture" approach that occurs when every business unit or department sets out to buy its own solutions.
Martin said she had visited some of his buildings before such as the French National Library in Paris, saying, "Normally an architect does one type of architecture, so I wanted to see and compare this with his other works.
Categories can be established to accentuate (and promote) certain type of architecture (Doleta 2012a), or to separate very different kinds of architecture (Leitanaite 2007).
Born in 1970 as the post-war building revolution was drawing to a close, he grew up in Croydon and believes this could be where his interest in this particular type of architecture was born.
This type of architecture has hitherto been half-hearted, I suspect, because its task is not necessarily to be self-effacing.
The caption here acts as a kind of specification--the image of the house points to an example of one type of architecture.
I really just wanted to do some type of architecture and work on something that had an effect on how people live.
In this type of architecture, the replacement of any part must be completed without interruption in production.
It is styled in the type of architecture that can be found in Pakistan.
Their work marks the first time scientists have succeeded in "programming" particles to join in this manner and offers a type of architecture that could enhance the creation of synthetic materials.
8) This type of architecture allows LogEA architects to capture domain enterprise processes and link these processes together to form a holistic view of the logistics domain.