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Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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For type VIII or "periodontal" syndrome, symptoms are characterized by an aggressive, generalized, and resistant periodontitis affecting both the primary and permanent dentition.
The C32 Type VIII with CAV 32 barfeed is an excellent entry-level 1.
18) The most interesting example is Type VIII, since the design, slightly misinterpreted in Mazzucato's drawing, exactly matches a waster found in the Calle Pureza.
Tenders are invited for Annual repair to RB Type VIII and IX Houses in Sec.
While a Type VIII bungalow at 11, Race Course Road is with Chavan, a Type VII bungalow at 1, Jantar Mantar Road is with Virbhadra and Rawat uses Type VII bungalow at 9, Teen Murti Lane.
It is common knowledge that houses of Union Ministers in the Lutyens' Zone area, though belong to Type VIII category, are not of any uniform size.
The L20 Type VIII turning center has an updated live tool motor on the gang plate, from 0.
Tenders are invited for Refurbishment of power cables for Type-VII and Type VIII Quarters at PHC-I & PHC-II housing colony, SDSC SHAR.
Damage charges ranged from ` 53,250 per month in case of Type V accommodation of Lalchand Kataria to ` 2,43,678 for Type VIII accommodation of Jaipal Reddy.
Most of these plush houses are of Type VIII and Type VII.