type II diabetes

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For each 100 mg-per-day increase in magnesium intake, the adjusted risk of type II diabetes was reduced by 8% to 13%.
The topic proposed was to study the possibility of making use of social media to alter habits in teenagers and young adults, the age group that is prone to obesity and type II diabetes.
KEY WORDS: BMI, Exercise, Hypertension, Type II diabetes.
Type II diabetes is normally preceded by insulin resistance caused by obesity.
Doctors at the Food Hospital UK have found that people who have type II diabetes caused by obesity can in some cases cause the diabetes to go into remission by losing weight.
These studies and additional characterization of PTP-1B has revealed it to be an important therapeutic target for type II diabetes.
In the last five years we've been seeing adolescents develop Type II diabetes which makes your body less sensitive to your own insulin and means you can't control your blood sugar.
Oral medications may control symptoms of Type II diabetes in children just as well as insulin injections, reports a study from Ohio State University, Columbus.
Providing Canadians with a once-daily metformin option to treat Type II diabetes is a great step toward enhanced patient adherence - and as a result, a great step forward toward helping to manage this disease.
Another related health concern is Type II diabetes, a recent epidemic effecting American children brought on by obesity and a sedentary lifestyle (Ratner-Kaufman, 2002).
Research: Researchers investigated whether antioxidants in food would influence the risk of type II diabetes among adults.
But when a doctor's visit a year ago revealed that he had Type II diabetes, it completely reshaped his understanding of the disease and who gets it.
The biotechnology giant inked a deal with Biovitrum, a privately held company that develops drugs to treat Type II diabetes and obesity.
To test the drug's effect on reopened blood vessels, the Korean researchers identified 95 people, average age 60, with type II diabetes who were slated to receive angioplasty in coronary arteries.