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the blood group whose red cells carry the A antigen


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They found that people who showed signs of having a Type A personality -- the multitasking, driven workaholics -- had double the risk of suffering a stroke as compared to their more laid-back neighbors(http://jnnp.
Under the agreement, G-A Communications will incorporate all employees and accounts from Type A Graphics from its 16,000 square foot offices into G-A's Malvern facility.
To encourage them on their way Eriksson is hinting his first team selection will focus on experience - the same Type A players that were beaten by Germany and struggled against Finland.
In Britain, 46 per cent of the population have blood type O, 44 per cent have type A, like Martine, eight per cent have type B and only two per cent have type AB.
Physicians are usually high-powered, fast-moving people who have a hard time slowing down and listening to others--what has been described in many circles as Type A behavior.
While C bolulinum produces seven district neurotoxins, researchers have focused on one they call Type A.
7,8] Second, the high-pressure, time-urgent environments that typify virtually all medical training or practice settings compel physicians to develop Type A coping styles.