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the blood group whose red cells carry the A antigen


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They found that people who showed signs of having a Type A personality -- the multitasking, driven workaholics -- had double the risk of suffering a stroke as compared to their more laid-back neighbors(http://jnnp.bmj.com/content/early/2012/07/30/jnnp-2012-302420) , according to a paper in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.
Previous studies have linked Type A behavior to other conditions, including heart disease(http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/news/20030722/type-triggers-heart-disease) .
The Type A is powered by a small, 15 hp Famous engine.
For a number of years the Type A languished in a shed.
Keywords: Type A behavior, achievement motivation, teaching, medical careers, professional women
The Type A Behavior Pattern (TABP) was defined by two eminent cardiologists Friedman and Rosenman (1974) more than 30 ago.
The centerpiece of Type A's recent exhibition was Reach/Reach (all works 2001), a looped two-channel video displayed on adjacent monitors.
Despite the stark settings, there is a lightness to Type A's work, a buddy-movie quality that is charming, if complicated.
The team Eriksson will manage is bottom of their World Cup section - but we all know that once he roots out the Type A's then England will surge forth to their true role of world-beaters.
To encourage them on their way Eriksson is hinting his first team selection will focus on experience - the same Type A players that were beaten by Germany and struggled against Finland.
Perfectionism and Type A behavior pattern (TABP; Friedman & Rosenman, 1974), in which one is "involved in a chronic incessant struggle to achieve more and more in less and less time and if necessary against opposing efforts...or other people" (p.
Neurologists, ophthalmologists and other researchers have discovered over the past 15 years that minute doses of Type A toxin produce a temporary, local paralysis that can provide relief to people affected by certain disorders in which excessive muscle contracting activity causes involuntary twisting, twitching and repetitive movements or abnormal postures.
But the award reveals an added facet of Towne's "stereotypical Type A" personality--that of spending his off hours as fully as his time on the job.
The result may be a middle-aged man or woman, who has well-honed role-related abilities but who lacks the skills for dealing with interpersonal relationship stresses.[7,8] Second, the high-pressure, time-urgent environments that typify virtually all medical training or practice settings compel physicians to develop Type A coping styles.[6,9]