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distension of the abdomen that is caused by the accumulation of gas in the intestines or the peritoneal cavity

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Abdominal pain, constipation, distention, and vomiting are common symptoms, while palpable mass, tympany, guarding and rigidity, dehydration, and septic shock are common signs.
On the other hand some side effects were also observed with xylazine usage in our current study such as salivation defecation urination tympany staggering and muscle relaxation.
For other than parasitic diseases 48 of the 606 remedies were used for the treatment of the Calcium deficiency, 46 for mastitis, 42 for diarrhoea, 29 for an estrous, enterotoxaemia, 25 for foot and mouth disease, 22 for prolaps, 20 for rheumatic fever, 16 for Haemoraghic septicemia, 15 for panting, 14 for Newcastle disease, 11 for milk fever, 10 for strangles, 09 for nasal discharge, 08 for colic, strangle, Lactolith, indigestion, black quarter, 06 for canine distemper, laminitis, 05 for crop bound condition, tail necrosis and gangrene, 04 for rheumatism, Tympany, 03 for string hault, fibrosis, wound, 02 for cough, loss of appetite, pneumonia, retention of foetal membrane, sheep pox, teat stricture, uterus puss and 01 for Gid.
A normal abdomen percussed with the patient in the supine position should produce predominately tympany because air rises.
In the back of the Journal was listings of new releases from people such as Sam 'The Man' Taylor and Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five.
I also loved the wit and swing of Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five, and the vocal richness of Billy Eckstine, who would come to town and drive the women wild.
Tympany introduces the Otogram[TM], the first and only automated and self-administered comprehensive diagnostic hearing testing equipment.
The music of Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and Tommy Dorsey, who were all the kings of the swing era, had a very heavy influence on South Africa's big bands of that time.
5), he has also brought forth through a process of spontaneous generation ovum hoc irritum & ventosum, ex quo tympanies iste clamor regii snaguinis prorupit ('this rotten and windy egg from which erupted that tympany - the Cry of the Royal Blood') (DS, 1.